The knock scooters are more frequent and always more loved because they are becoming a funny alternative for city travelling. Today we talk about Ninebot ES2 by Segue .. You back to children because the route form home to work will become a funny part of the day. In my opinion the worst flaw is the weight: 12,5 kg, but let’s proceed with order! Let’s begin with features: 43 cm .. 113 cm in hegight and 102 cmm. The rear tyre is 19,2 ” and in the figurehead 20 “. On the figurehead responsibility “theres been” the engine of 300 Watt to reach the hurrying of 25 km/ h. The artillery of 187 Watt/ h is here on the handlebar tube and guarantees a 20/25 km independence. You can charge it in 3 and a half hours placing the jack from a domestic electrical transformer. The option of ordering the artillery on the horizontal tubing permits to raise the barycenter and retain low-spirited the height of platform from the dirt. A low-pitched stage lower again the barycenter and for this reason commits stability and offsets easy the muscular push. A great advantage of ES2 compared to others electrical knock scooter is the double absorptions both on the front and on the rear.This permits to absorbe the majority of reverberations and rarely it arrives at the rest of the way down. Opening and concluding the Ninebot is very easy, you have only to press now and it’s fitted. To unhook you have to lower the rear fender and it’s blocked. A beneficial thing is the hook that you can use as a baggage hanger. You can turn on the dispaly with a button. The monitor shows us the rapidity, the remaining battery and the bluetooh connection with the smartphone app and the drive procedure we are using. For lesson we are on base mode..with a maximum period of 15 km/ h. You “re going to have to” double click to pass to the midmedium mode with a “S” and you can go at max 20 km/ h. And finally another doubled click to go on the third mode to go at 25 km/ h.On the flaunt we can see likewise the acelerator and the brake. To start is not enough to push the acelerator becase, as determined under the law, the first input has to be muscular. The right palette modulates the speeding instead the left one the brake. Infact to slow down the ES2 uses the engine of the front tyre which can also be helped by a mechanic restraint. To do it you have only to press on the rear fender. You have also to regulate the damper because if you are going at high speed you have to consider the stopping intervals that are not immediate. This is a little weak point of this kick scooter. We said everyting and now let’s talk about electronics! The figurehead ignite is very powerful, it ignites very much and it is necessary merely a click. Then we have two lights on the rear, one on the right and one on the left which twinkling when you are braking.Let’s see how it goes! So .. it’s a marvel! You must be careful at first approach .. but as soon you administer the barycenter in acceleration and in braking you begin to have fun! It’s agile and stable on the arch and the engine has a linear progression. The braking, as we said, is not the strenght detail because you have to be careful on the check distances. The ideology thing is combing the engine brake and the mechanical damper with the rear fender. We are back at newsroom to have a look to the app. It’s very easy and available both for android and for iOS. This is the main screen. There are a lot of info above all about the battery ramaing in km and in percentual. Then we have two rectifying. One is the energy recovery which can be regulated on three degrees: low-spirited, medium and strong. And then the activation or not of cruise control. Clicking on the lock representation you can block the kick scooter and if someone else will try to move it, the knock scooter will use the engine brake to block itself and will begin to vibrate and emanate a beep beep sound.For all the advanced roles you have to click here and you can find all the info of your knock scooter: battery, divisions of measures, words, software updating and two menus to regulate daylights and hurried that will be the most used because on the move regulation you will adjust the max speed you crave on your locate selected going procedure. There’s a maximum period of 15 km/ h and a minimun of 5 km/ h. When you open the flares menu you can choose different toys .. You can select different colourings and chromatics combinations .. This app is very easy to use.As we heard, It connects trough bluetooth and has a pleasant graphics ..