tonight I’d like to show you a scaffold for creation that we are introducing for the first time tonight we’ve teamed up with shall meet one of China’s leading manufacturers of smart and connected devices and one of its portfolio fellowships ninebot the innovative engineers from nine bot oh hey Craig right the innovative engineers from nine BOTS and the technology acquired from Segway has given rise to a brand new platform we “ve given you” a preview of this amazing device at the top of the show it’s called a Personal Transporter okay Craig so you’ve gotten pretty good at moving around can you make it stop oh I can make it stop make it run I can moonwalk on this thing if you crave it’s pretty agile I kind of like it but this particular self-balancing transportation vehicle actually has a real unique trick of its sleeve is that this one transform into your own personal robot hello world-wide it’s been 1 hours and 12 hours since I last interpret the world good to be back we missed you too so okay this is cool what else can this design do well because it’s an open programme Brian we can pretty much program it with a little know-how to is everything that we want so okay you can hear that alarm let me give you a specific example so that scare is actually our automatic connected dwelling entrance a sensor alerting us that someone is actually in our front for yeah there so you know if you are away from home we would go ahead and get an alert or maybe we’re on the couch watching the game we don’t want to get up if I had my own personal assistant role but wouldn’t I just let that person disappear immediately to the door and assure who was there for me that would be me I would I would love to not get up off the couch and time got something run tell me who’s though that they are able to that be my perfect macrocosm yep and the Segway robot is a ton of really cool features like singer approval and too you can see it’s streaming video all the way it comes up to the door and up well who do we have there it looks like we have Puli who’s the discoverer of from nine BOTS of the Segway robot and well our robots just going to go ahead and escort him back over into the living room now and so yeah so since we know who Lee was we are okay with your souls are in our house and watching the game with us yeah otherwise the robot would just kick him out but that’s the appeal of having a fantastically smart as well as connected scaffold is that with an Intel Atom processor as well as the realsense camera that we have built in all of it’s able to take all of the image have all the smarts and all the balance to really do an autonomous run without slapping in all regions of the lamps in your live right and I think that’s important right that was a live demo expend very feel navigating this furniture real-time so Haley firstly welcome to CES you’ve got a great adventure in here I’ve been using these around my house in the place but what else can this robot do oh I have something I have the gadgets for robot we have designed this robot to be extendable you can design an attachment accessories to it for example this robot forearm let me show you okay that’d be great so the most important thing is that we designed this Segway to be an open stage and that’s why it’s in the creativity section its makes worldwide can innovate on top of this programme in this design to come up with all kinds of cool brand-new uses and employments will truly be an open framework every inventor can also develop tools and software and other machines that can interact with the Segway so now that has arms can you show us what we can do sure okay Segway you have arms okay are those my forearms awesome looking okay so we’ve got we can ride it it can navigate it’s got arms what else can it do can it do anything else yet li yeah I can do a lot of things can show you like how it follows me that’d be great okay okay Segway follow me okay hello hello come now what’s important here is it’s not following his telephone it’s not following something as in his pocket it construes the realsense camera to actually image Li and follow him directly and this is what realise this robot very different li thanks for coming on stage Craig thank you and Segway robot thank you