Yee! It emerges this Segway is having the dislocation, it’s tired of its role in society. This human is like “Chill out bro, what’s the big deal? You’ve got a good life”. But the Segway squeals “Get fucked croak snack a purse of dicks”. “I am tired of carrying your fat morons around from object A to station B.” “I know you have legs.I’ve seen them you can use them.” I surmise the Segway has a valid point. Meanwhile the humans are focused on coming up with an efficient way to restrain it? They’re inspired by their retro western movie nighttimes. And they think that the lasso is the best way to capture it. Man Bun jazzs up. He burns and he misses! Pink shoes manages to snag the handle but the Segway fightings back and it transgresses free. Fuck yes Segway! OHH Man Bun tries to hop! And he gets tripped !! That was a. That was a shocking trip-up. He did not be understood that coming at all. Now he operates over his arm and Smacks Him In The Head !!! Fuck me dead !! That was a silky smooth right fastened! If serviceman bun did not have a man bun to soothe the gale, that would have been deadly.He’s screaming “Barleese! Barleese! Mercy! “. But the Segway doesn’t listen to him and aaaaah. They got it. They got it. Fucken pink shoes ran in at the end there. And press the off button. Bullshit. Ah that’s bullshit ..