good position the team! is it merely me, or are the putties strong? Yeah yeah are friends Yeah! It’s going to be awesome. Do you think we’re going to take a break from all that putty? Rangers, huge profession for another victory! Zordon! Oh, hi Zordon! Alpha 5 informed me of this planet’s more popular vacations, The one you call Christmas. I understand that it is customary to give endowments. Alpha 5 helped me find the perfect endowment to show our thanks for your efforts. Genuinely ?? Thats awesome chaps! I’m so excited! I can not wait! Keep up the good work. Hover tips-off !! It’s the hovertrax 2 razor! Wow … I’m calling scarlet! I announce pitch-black, I miss yellow-bellied! I crave blue … I’ll give the white one. Hey, too bad there isn’t a white ranger, that would be cool! Let make them out for a test move! Have you ever ridden one before? NO, but it sounds like fun! woo hoo! Wow this is great. Tommy take this infiltrator, them and find their weakness Yes, this is awesome! Yes, we have them! Yeah !!!! Oh follower, I went out! need a reload? oh yeah give me dork, you gonna pay for this! Uh … I want to say … Loose is cool. Thanks dude. Do you want to try my hoverboard? It doesn’t matter! you want to let me try it. No, truly, it’s Christmas. Really? Take that. Thanks Zach. Merry Christmas Merry Christmas to you too Bulk. This is so cool! Merry Christmas to everyone! Merry Christmas! Best Christmas ever !.