it’s the video that’s been consider around the world okay millions of people watching Rexburg police officers try out their brand-new Segway dayit commend the primary and myself unpacked it and took it upon ourselves to try to ride it this is captain Randy Lewis in the video you consider him tumble to the ground as fellow patrolmen laugh hysterically was being videotaped but they were and they shared that video with East Idaho now it’s a viral whiz I didn’t know well a few people have criticized the video a majority of the members of folks have been supportive in fact a follower from Washington who learnt the video on his local report stopped by the PD with a bottle of liquor thanking the officers for their service most all the feedbacks been positive you know we’re just like everybody else we like to enjoy ourselves and have fun merchandises big here and this is just you know some of it’s stress relief so the big question is are you properly learned to ride the Segway I have it made me about five minutes after the fall to learn to go it and now you’re abroad well I’m all about being a pro in Rexburg I attained Eton East Idaho