so this is a Lexus business you might wonder why a gondola companionship is using the hoverboard in one of its ads is Lexus planning to procreate hoverboards now no jolt it’s just another sell stunt but the hoverboard you see is very real it’s actually levitating and you can totally ride it but is it the transportation of the future probably not so for like the last two decades we’ve been razzed with the existence of functional hoverboards Back to the Future Part two gave us a peek of what a hoverboard may look like in the Year 2015 administrator Robert Zemeckis further fueled our imageries by claiming that “theyre using” real hoverboards in the film and that the only thing stopping these things from being massproduced was concerned parent groups but that’s not true at all they didn’t exist last year Funny or Die trolled the internet with Christopher Lloyd Tony Hawk and random personalities razzing a bullshit hoverboard called the hover which they swore up and down was true and that was also not real so when Lexus released its first hoverboard teaser earlier the summer months I along with the rest of the Internet was super skeptical it appeared so real but Lexus out of all companies and then we were invited to see the thing in person the whole thing felt a little bit weird in a sea city about 45 times away from Barcelona Lexus well-developed an entire skate common or hover Park if you will that behaved as a set for its commercial and yeah this ballpark was built just for the hoverboard which does exactly what you think it hovers off the dirt like a suitable hoverboard but as I’m sure you’ve suspected there are some big caveats like the racetrack it needs to run on which is crucial to how the thing works at all inside the board are rows of superconductors a special property of these sort 2 superconductors is that when they’re cooled down to a critical temperature the exhibit qualities that alter and manipulate any magnetic field around them therefore the board must be ridden above a highly engineered move that’s carefully embedded with magnets strong enough to hold the board and a rider usually the move is concealed for the purposes of the hover pole the board must be resting upon a portion of that same trail when being cooled with liquid nitrogen which is mainly curricula it to levitate at a certain height after this process is complete the board can be wreaked over to the park and will hover above the move at roughly the same height about 4 centimeters information and communication technologies isn’t actually that brand-new it’s a process announced flux pin and we’ve seen beings do some amusing things with this on a small scale before but now that it’s been applied to a hoverboard what’s that actually like to ride it’s hard it’s not as easy as riding a skateboard where all four wheels are on the grind the magnetized line in the sand texts up vertically with the center of the board so it’s kind of like you’re on a tightrope and if your equilibrium isn’t perfectly distributed on this thing you be brought to an end scraping the ground with the undersides of the board it took me like 15 times time to slither a few feet so yeah no photograph I was going to go around the park like Marty McFly did and Back to the Future Part two luckily though I had the chance to speak with pro skater Ross McGowan the chap incorporated in the business so you’ve been skating for 15 2 0 years yeah and how long did it go you to get a master in a sense where you could ride around the track without cleaning yeah I signify after that it’s been like five six months I’ve been trying it so even now I can go down in a straight line even some corner that rakes a bit but you can write yourself it’s quick enough so you don’t fall off you can feel it under your hoof feel that sweet spot yeah yeah precisely the feeling of some invisible air runway thing is what it feels like to me so going the hoverboard is very difficult and besides that another major problem with this thing is that it needs to be constantly cooled with liquid nitrogen and when it was as hot as it was outside that day in Spain we got 10 or 15 instants on the board before it had to be refilled a process itself that takes another 10 or 15 times at this site I gotta wonder why this thing even exists the Lexus hoverboard isn’t actually a concoction it’s just a special effect in a auto busines it’s part of a series Lexus refers to as amazing in motion which has expended a lot of gaudy props before gigantic mechanical puppets dancing through wall street of Madrid glowing suits flying through Kuala Lumpur and even and my enunciate is being captured by a laser significant differences is that you would never is anticipated own what is essentially a gargantuan Guitar Hero sounding statu for your car or an LED light suit you sure as hell would want a hoverboard though fortunately there are companies like Hendo that are actually working on levitation technology with passion beyond sell but right now Lexus hasn’t brought us any closer to being marty mcfly maybe that’s just as well considering the insane limitations of the Lexus hoverboard you need lots of fund to build a trail gallons and gallons of liquid nitrogen on hand and five months of training programs really to master your counterbalance so the next time a automobile busines predicts you a little bit of back to the future wording science fiction you might want to limit your expectations and just tell them this why don’t you make like a tree and get out of here