one of “the worlds largest” prized pearls of San Francisco is the Golden Gate Park and today we’re gonna explore it on a Segway we’re doing a little obstacle course to get a bit more pleasant on the segways I repute I got it I fantasize I got it all right we are trained we are ready that’s right so I your Segway tour of Golden Gate commons and crossed the entire eastern fraction of the common you’re gonna watch the conservatory heydays hippy Hill the Japanese tea garden we’re gonna do a little bit of offroading through a redwood plantation so it’s a really great route to ordeal the ballpark travelling a Segway is very natural only lean full automobile bicycle irrigate really do whatever you buddy want to do this area was called the outside acres by the people that used to own San Francisco back in the day we’re here at the Academy of Artistry and Discipline and there’s so many different trees and houses and bronzes around and we’re getting a little briefing of what this park called up we’ve arrived in the Australian tree fern grove and all the floras there is archaic this is what North America would have looked like 2.6 million years ago the Torah is really great because we got to see a lot more than we would have done when they’re watching this has been an absolute blast we got to see so much of Golden Gate Park go around on these astonishing segways and now I can by paw further explore