hello sigues edmonton would you like a piece of toast yes yes satisfy a great deal of crime agree i think it burns it i’ll time represent them nice out later on how was your sleep actually now you mentioned about it at a abominable dream something my party that’s I was caught the house burned down what else my centre flake this house in my region I’ve told you a snoop son oh hello Dumbledore morning stay away last light did you yes it’s jolly good brick these are new aren’t there oh these cell phone it may become a TV envisage yes good nighttime was it perfectly well acceptable but I did I am being bothered by this a dream I can’t relatively remember why I’m going to get state is to say on Hollywood yes this sustained say that why morning is that all nothing’s normal is going is knowing someone could hunt no I’ll on top I am sorry sigues Edmund I am very very sorry you’re not Clyde like wouldn’t you’re not crying I don’t believe this for a second like who are you everything’s okay don’t touch me you are I demand to know what this is all about everything will be okay the good life is reached on many different types of daytimes here okays dates and on today’s me this if any of those this is a semi day how can this happen to me you know our part a gameboy on and i forgot to save it before the party yeah i was incapable for that’s a really hard level to got to get I pictured it happened What’s Wrong the segue he’s going no miss me yeah hey that style I don’t get it good-for-nothing segue aged nut okay thanks aged saggy penalize I was having an out-of-body experience 55 Newton’s Glenn your money do you have money probably in the bank can I borrow some I’d like to buy some invests I’m really really amazing actually brought about by the color in more[ __] ape son Glanton help me pick it out I think it was awful clown touch it haven’t I haven’t eaten in him around the day no I lend you fund to get them invests so why would you sucking sprite fab inventive make her so what now then well suppose I’ll phone oh my work so if i can get an advance on a few weeks gigantic remittance then I believe is caravan site down in that direction somewhere if we possibly go to stay after a while till we get settled you know what really revere you segue I really is not so you’re willing to let a subject who shot you lock you in an attic at the two parties in your house and then burn your live down to the ground I’m just pointing out that why do you want to share a caravan with someone who’s bring so much oppression to your life I’ve never actually looked at it that way before you know it your writers I live they think it’s time for things to change give me give me some sprite I’m I’m thirsty and you burn down my house give me some sprite I’m in the mood right I don’t have to put up with this for one second more I’ll make it on my own you’ll see you know see that wakes up and get your method no one well Glenn we had a perfect flow they’re moving to a caravan I could live with that there’s only one thing we can do right now which is mixmaster Morgan’s was a bit harsh to descend that I didn’t seem like me at all no now he got what was coming to him at last jar and I’m hungry haven’t eaten all million perhap I could take one of those microchips someone must have bought them damn it three minutes without Clive and you’re already contemplating committing a crime true now you shut my browse yes that fast me of a sec wait yes you’ve got the DVD there I have a big love that meeting with members you buy you a drink reaction tango is coming from a tango please this one is brilliant signal[ __] sorry the sequel yeah you know the one with a house statutes down how do you know about what happened last night I’ve got the script third sorry third episode yeah yeah I wasn’t aware of it watch out is a creepy keep going to come up there a time it’s okay he dies and I imply it though so it be okay well thank thank you for having the morning no problem I’m sorry go affixed in my area I wasn’t wearing manufacturing any posters take my invests off in postings has already begun to manufacture me a province you’re testing my hands no no don’t go no I’m don’t give I’ve got something I don’t know I actually I should have gone with some time ago I’ve come back wait satisfy i’m a busy line you are well aware from the second yes being where you know that you’ve got depicts have you grounded in a good deal but you’ve never been in before how does that work well I don’t okay it’s not a planned okay there’s there’s certain things that you can’t answer please leave me alone thank you