it was bound to happen and it just happened last june segways director miss judy kai has declared that the company was totally grabbing the segway pt creation or as it was initially worded the segway ht for human transporter a ostentatious appoint for a futuristic design that came with high hopes back in the 2000 s yep the new millennium was all about technological dreams and optimism and the segway became the hottest tech product in 2001 even before anyone knew what it was some believe that it would revolutionize urban mobility attain the last mile transportation more efficient redesign cities and other such high-pitched ideals but you know how this show usually starts that extol scooter that mall cops and sightseers pointed up rocking around some metropolitans is officially on its road to extinguishing this is company forensics[ Music] segway as you can recognize the segway transporter never really took off but it originally planned to sell as countless as 100 000 cells in the first year dean caiman the creator of segway apparently calculated that by the end of their second year they would be stamping out 10 000 machines per week the man was a dreamer reinventing the motor by that time he was already a consolidated tech entrepreneur “whos had” several patents on medical designs such as the insulin shoot used in portable dialysis machine and the all-terrain electric wheelchair known as the ibot the gyroscopic motorized engineering that allows poising on the segway came from the development of the ibot it was a sturdy electric wheelchair capable of self-balancing lifting its rider flattening through tough field and climbing stairs during the development of ibot cayman has recognized that they had something bigger than just an accessible device it was a transportation technology that could affect society more widely so they started working on the dream and around a decade later been put forward with the segway but far away from those 10 000 legions that cayman had projected to be producing weekly they only ever sold around 140 000 vehicles total in around two decades by 2009 “youve already” sold the corporation is a british firm backed by the investor jimmy hesselden whom we will remember again later in 2015 the beijing conglomerate 9 attachment acquired segway and developed iterations of the manoeuvre along with others that it continues to produce like electric scooters and other personal vehicles despite its fates the truth is that the segway transporter started unparalleled promotion and anticipation in the tech life and the media before it even propelled an overblown reveal months back the maneuver was presented to the public there was no shortage of opinion about it fantasies would be a hydrogen-powered hovercraft a magnetized anti-gravity vehicle and other ingenious things of such nature even south park made a shot at it and you know that can only mean spot on terrible charade yes the segway was being satirized even before it was exhausted this fever activated with a disclose that came out on a website in early 2001. It was about a diary written on the increase and financing of ginger the segway project code name the alleged columnist of the book didn’t reveal what ginger was but his narrative included over-the-top evidences from some of silicon valley’s mightiest barons about it apparently steve enterprises himself at the fabrication would be as big deal as the pc maybe bigger than the internet even said john doerr a venture capitalist who also prophesied segway would reach 1 billion dollars in auctions faster than any company in history his fund backed it up with a 38 million dollar investment the promotion was sincere and you can see how it turned out not so great for segway promises were rectified ridiculously high-pitched among the general public and probably none wanted to settle the publicity with something like an upgraded scooter a marvel to new technologies still the segway worked beautifully and the technology was impressive to experience virtually mystical according to some testaments and hitherto we can’t condemned those who were well unamused when they lastly came sees on the segway on tv after all the build up check out part of the unveiling of the invention on the good morning america show in 2003 do we have to do something now or does it it does it by itself but inspects can be deceiving despite its simple image the technology and segway was pretty impressive it was a cluster of aviation immense gyros and accelerometers sensors batteries and sophisticated software all linked by a situate of computers that monitor the rider’s center of gravity more than 100 occasions per second to maintain balance while moving around the rider drives it by simply shifting his weight forward or backward and steered by shove the handbar left or right wheeling at a rate of around 12 miles per hour it was a complex bundle of hardware and software with no restraint no locomotive no throttle no gear switching and no steering wheel capable of carrying the average rider for a full era on only five pennies worth of electricity is it safe according to a senior official from the consumer product safety commission back then the segway had security facets far more substantial than normally seen in a consumer product pieces closer to those associated with medical maneuvers so yes it was safe but it also had motors and machines and that signifies accidents were pretty much inevitable also naturally as more segways uttered their style to the streets more coincidences were bound to happen according to the annals of emergency medicine between 2005 and 2008 the george washington emergency room in that city’s hospital started receiving more segway injuries than walkers struck by vehicles of course you can find funny segway fault on youtube but some incidents had lesser laughter sequels than those among the most iconic slips involving segways are former us president george w bush descending while going one at his family estate or the infamous cameraman that guided over olympic gold medalist usain thunderbolt in a more tragic event the segway was involved in the death of jim hesselden in 2010 yeah that british millionaire and philanthropist that acquired segway just one year before passing away submerge into a flow while going the design near his home in west yorkshire apparently after ploy to make way for a pedestrian a consumer market of one beyond safety concerns the adoption of segway by the end consumer the real interaction with the city walkers vehicles crossroads was a huge gray area for everyone the police didn’t quite know how to deal with it when the first one started popping up soon it was evident that the unique vehicle required special regulations and then the bureaucracy began different districts dealt with it in different ways with somewhat mingled results and segways road to the cities glanced long and choppy somehow cayman hoped this process would happen more organically time by having more segways wheeling out there but when you think that cities have striven even to embrace bicycles which have been around for a got a couple of centuries you can imagine the issue isn’t that simple knowing this cayman first managed to close deals with the corporate and institutional marketplaces police bureaux in different municipals as well as the postal service national park service and other corporate buyers were the first ones to adopt segway cayman said that she hoped that if enough police departments and other public and corporate entities adopted it it would be natural for consumers to take it as well that’s both daring and naive but on top of regulations and safety concerns the segway had yet another problem for the consumer market it was expensive the liberate rate was around five thousand dollars constructing it more of a indulgence gimmick than a commuting workhorse another business mogul who reacted to the segway in its early days jeff bezos did express that he saw the potential for the device in the corporate marketplace amazon itself was among the first segway purchasers and implemented them in some realization midsts but he was more reserved about its insertion in the consumer market at amazon we didn’t know at first and nothing knew whether parties would want to buy records online and the same is true for whether parties will want to write these he said on time magazine on that story it’s told that bezos and cayman formerly met in seattle for a demonstration of how segway could improve employees picking productivity in depots as the amazon boss tested the device and scooted madly around the warehouse hooting and flapping his arms someone shrieked jeff what were you saying about the consumer market rolling past bezos wailed back there’s definitely at least a consumer market of one but now we know there was a consumer market of around 140 000 beings so bezos was closer to reality and still today 20 years into the brand-new millennium the dream of a transportation rebellion remains really a dream 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