guys what’s up so today I have my Segway and I’m gonna be doing a follow-up I don’t I don’t know if you guys remember but I had my go-cart I made a cart and I’ll try and link it up with this segue but that didn’t work as meant so now instead of making one I have booked a boogie so this is my new boogie and I’m gonna indicate you guys we’re gonna attach the Segway onto the buggy I’m gonna attach I’m gonna show you guys out you touch it and yeah hopefully the present working and yeah guys okay I’ve got this on so this is the buggy you delivering this when you sit inside and you supposed to kept this on top of here yep you fussn’t this on top of now so you can I actually pick this up as well in my inspection of a ponderous boots not that heavy actually you are eligible to literally like if I go like that we pick it up with my digit so it’s really light-colored even to miss it then I am so yeah I want to try it firstly with my sister and then my brother Milo says oh my brother it’s her that we’re gonna put in if you simply want to go in then we’re gonna lean this one in so yeah we’re gonna failure this up agree and I’ll fasten it yeah my dad’s listen I should secure this on and attach it so gonna put on bluetooth mode I’m gonna sit on I’m gonna time mummy whoa oh my god it’s very wobbly but how what I’m gonna do Scott do round attend see if it acts “youre calling” me Lee is it heavy yeah it’s very heavy and you can’t really turn yeah okay I think we’d wake up to adjust it a little bit yeah once a stop stop stop accommodation and now I’m gonna try it research it out and go to circle Wow is heavy to be better than last-place go last experience it was a sake hitting the foot yep okay um come come come this way and then yeah you think yep I think we can try and gross extend stay it on she’ll margins yes leading if you can jump it vanish speed up because otherwise the crustle what should watch the line that’s not that blood Oh Oh do a full circle and is coming I contemplate I might just wanted to get person inside and but it won’t be as fast Oh corner will try time hey ready school[ Music][ Applause] tied up oh okay okay yeah sure yeah it is ready Oh hitting flooring drive go exit what thank it’s a difficult oh look at that Archie box inside of that the thing we should take it out yeah I’ll “ve tried” the breast surface let’s try on the inside yeah okay okay come on come out you you write it on there come on cause it did you I made y’all adjust it did you enjoy that right yeah[ Music] yeah well gum Oh all right okay guys let’s go just generate it over take it all outside okay yeah I’m gonna go to dig it outside the sides of side of our mansion we can’t come to the front now the artillery on the segue is in Reverse so we need to audio I’m gonna “ve been trying to” over here[ Music] to go down that path yeah come back turn and come back talk hurried it up system yeah you can have a goat you know I could on that well good on that it’s a bit more lighter but with this on top it’s actually pretty heavy okay let’s let go on kind yeah I enjoy this pa will let us say oh he’s gonna grass huh what if a automobile comes under the hood aside are you gonna do I get good that’s often defcons once no bullet well keep it clot we should we try him sitting in the car while I Drive earlier you exclusively do that chap why don’t you see it’s I don’t know why come on what is he doing stop stop stop less like a area get in pick your foot up on leant him on the top make sure your feet don’t punched the ground o sinless each ape would a grease-gun go okay take the ticket stop stop stop stop Gabe stop stop stop it’s hitting the foot it’s just it let me adjust it satisfy we’re going inside we are you ready let’s go I’m gonna hurl it apart let me get only this call there you go okay let’s go board make sure if there’s any scolds coming yeah need to be careful[ Music] our neighbors are liking it all right go I am still like exasperated Thunder like that it’s full figure and jump off it Joe jump of it’s it’s getting okay that’s I think that’s enough yeah and that is enough for today for today no that’s enough time I recommend these boogies everybody is a really fun younger skill stick it up hey I’m right it’s have a quick move while yeah I’m of a soup that’s it guy don’t take down the road okay only around here merely on the grass on our persona a bit boss he’s gonna fail yeah “its one” even recreation if you wouldn’t even precipitate backwards gonna do dizzy no absolutely no truth to the rumors okay okay you say a goodbyes this video up here if you’ve got any suggestions and text me a write in the comments and I will reply back any suggestions be my client okay hope you guys subscribe I’m like goodbye