Segway hydrogen motorcycle Welcome to the Motorcycles.News! Do not forget to subscribe to the channelto get the most important motocycle news every day! Money is currently being raised via crowdfundingfor the Segway Apex H2. It is an electric motorcycle that generatesthe energy for the electrical engine via hydrogen. In the pictures published even further, the hydrogenmotorcycle glances most futuristic. The headlight comes in the form of a simpleline that travels around the front. The dummy container is an increase unusually, so thateven the handlebar receipts protrude from the two sides of it. At the rear and likewise at the front, the wheelsare guided by a single-sided swingarm. Therefore, a steer axle would also have tobe used at the figurehead. Items are not to be seen, however. In principle, it is a further developmentof the Segway Apex electrical motorcycle, which, however, was still gave with a classicswing forearm and an upside-down fork. The power is said to be 60 KW, which is supposedto allow a top speed of 150 km/ h. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/ h is said totake four seconds.The hydrogen is to be refilled via specialbottles that are simply supplanted “when refueling.” Consumption is said to be 1 gram of hydrogenper kilometer. It is unclear, however, how this price isto be estimated. How far one can get on a tankful, or how largeit would be, was not disclosed. The secrete is planned for 2023 and pricesare to start at the equivalent of 9,000 euros. Thanks for watching ..