Earlier I mentioned the 1942 Socovel, the earliest production electrical motorcycle. Today, there are an ever-increasing number of electrical motorcycles, numerous owe some of their engineering to the Segway PT. Two-wheeled electrical personal transport vehicles have been mass produced as early as 1936 by the Socovel apply heavy-laden lead-acid batteries, and more recently in 1996 by Peugeot working lighter nickel-cadmium batteries for its ScootElec scooters. Nonetheless, in the late 1990 s, founder Dean Kamen took advantage of miniature solid-state sensors and microprocessors to create something quite different. The Segway PT or Personal Transporter, exploited even-lighter nickel metal hydride artilleries to influence the two main motors and gyroscopes to keep the Segway poised even when stationary something no motorcycle could do. Now, Kamens original mind is being translated into new electrical vehicles not even imagined prior to the Segway ..