Goran: Hello chaps, we are again here We are driving today Segway Ninebot Max G3 0 Leo: We are currently in hilly Mikulici And the authorities concerned will maybe record something What “were having” driven So we will share our thought It’s mentioned in the specification that this electrical scooter could go up to 20 percentage uphill clamber. We’ve decided, 22 percent Uphill soar assessment for 22 percentage wasn’t a problem for for this electrical scooter Now it’s time for a braking experiment. Goran you can start. Please tell us Goran, what was your rush? Goran: Speed was 27 km/ h( 16.7 mph) Leo: Ok, hastened was 27 km/ h( 16.7 mph ). Start of restraint was this yellow line now With our technical method of calculating distance this would be 3 meters, Let’s go next. Leo has learned how to turn He knows even how to turn right This was only for testing determinations Because this beast has earned previously 2 ages on our polygon Will you talk or I will? Goran: You can, when you already are in the whole video Leo: We continue with our technical methods It says that maximum weight is 150 kgs( 330 lbs) So let’s evaluation that Goran: Will I be on the breast or? Leo: It’s the same for me.It disappears even with 170 kgs( 374 lbs) Goran: Now we will test the accessibility of this electrical scooter in terms of transporting in a car case. Here we have Kia Ceed Trunk capacity is around 300 liters We’re waiting for your MAX to come to see if it fits. Leo: Let’s go. Goran: As always, Leo is here to correct my faults He is my brain. Leo: This is for you Goran, I know that you because of safety purpose you want that other beings are using your helmet But parties, use your own. Buy yourself a helmet It’s a corona time. Goran: Where are we going now? Leo: Now we are going to the water spring To imbibe a little of cold water And find the key from the car, that is somewhere by you Goran: See, I take care of you I’ve made your keys Leo: We gone on a sea spring to drink a spray and make a summa summarum of this Segway G3 0 Goran: You once know that my Xiaomi is on the end of life This couple of daylights how well exerting this electrical scooter Leo: Guys, he is like this for previously 10 times God please help Goran: Come on, listen to me Maybe you will need Xiaomi Leo: Ok president, I am listening Goran: But now for real, this couple of days in comparison with Xiaomi I truly thoughts when my Xiaomi is not working anymore That I will make Max on the manholes is a little bit more pleasant and with it has more weight than Xiaomi I feel myself more safe and more comfy Only if it could go a little bit faster Leo: How much faster? Goran: Just a little bit Even my Xiaomi doesn’t go fast it goes up to 25 km/ h( 15 mph) Leo: But this electric scooter can be unlocked abusing an app.Up to 30 km/ h( 18 mph) We don’t recommend that, of course Goran: With this electric scooter I’ve reached the maximum speed of 28 km/ h by GPS Display on scooter says 30 km/ h But it’s ok, 28 km/ h or 30 km/ h, same When it could go 90 km/ h Both laughing Leo: What would you say for accelerating for example Xiaomi vs Max? Goran: Because this is an opened scooter and my Xiaomi is opened, I think that up to firstly 10 km/ h is Xiaomi better Max has commencing from 0 weaker But from 10 km/ h it genuinely has a torque and then up to 25 km/ h has a constant peak which is better even than unlocked Xiaomi Leo: But it’s important to mention that here is the engine of 350 W while Xiaomi is 250 W Goran: Yes, here is also a potent machine And driving ease is much better than on Xiaomi probably because it’s heavier then Xiaomi and has bigger tires Above some manholes where I needed to be more careful with Xiaomi With this, I don’t have any problems Simply that the engine is in the rear wheel It was the first two days When I was not learned to that yet, elevating up to the sidewalk on Xiaomi I would intensify to pluck me up But this gone on the rear wheel.I didn’t fall down, I didn’t But yes, overall I think that if you need to upgrade from Xiaomi and you require a higher range and more powerful scooter and to stay in the same category, is good choice Leo: When you have already mentioned range we have information because we didn’t test that the artillery been a long time A person with 135 kg( 300 lbs) has reached 33 km length( 20.5 miles) and it has left still 40% of battery Goran: I would rather stop driving scooter than perfectly empty the artillery. But yes, for that assortment , not so much better beings would buy a scooter to drive a 50 km interval but yes, I go with Xiaomi to work and then I charge there because it lost supremacy And the battery is almost half empty For this, you blame it and you have it for 2 or 3 periods Leo: One of the hindrances is but because the charger is integrated into the scooter you don’t need to have an additional charger But from the other side, this cable which is included, For what Was it really expensive to add 20 more centimeters Goran: Yes, nearly that I need to plug the electrical scooter Directly to the electric socket Leo: From one feature, huge intuition, from another You’re really pinchy.Goran: But the standing deck is truly long and you can use duct tape for an extension cord Leo: Will we say something about technical specifications? That you don’t see how I unlock the phone Specs are Specs are For operators from 14 year olds and above We are that. Correction: We’ve said in video that maximum weight is 150 kg( 330 lbs) but it’s 100 kg( 220 lbs) that this scooter can direct. Facets are not important Just kidding, 116 cm is section, and folded and narrated simply difference is that undone is that height is 120 cm and 53 when it’s folded.The load is 19 kg Maximum speed up to 25 km/ h and with some revision, it goes up to 28.5 km/ h, 30 km/ h The series is dependent upon 65 km And it’s not always like that But surely, the collection can go up to 50 km Maximum hill climb is 20 percent, we’ve tested 22. It disappears 5 km/ h, but it proceeds There is no suspension Charging from 0-100 percent with included 3 AMP charger makes 6 hours Engine power is already mentioned, 350 W What is awesome on this scooter, is that by default there are currently 10 inch rotates. that are bringing comfort on a new elevation when comparing to Xiaomi. As usual, front flame and rear light it has cruise dominate Hold up accelerating button for five seconds on the same place, and it will initiate sail command. Something that is nice, but can’t be seen here, is that the bell is on the control that you’re turning around And you don’t need to use your digit But it can happen that you accidentally press that while driving and be funny while driving There is an app App is called: Segway Ninebot It has Bluetooth for connecting with your smartphone It has an LED screen if you know how it glances on Xiaomi M3 65 Pro 3 modes of driving, Eco, Drive and play Goran: Display presents quickened, it has that 5 strings for artillery status Every line is 20 percent Goran: The light-headed is better than on Xiaomi, much better We’ve researched got a couple of times on some streets where is no much street light there, and it’s much better What else? Nothing, I would just say that in the two categories of the scooter without adjournment I think that personally, this is the best buy The premium is around 4500 -5 000 HRK It’s true that is more expensive than Xiaomi Now even comes in the category of Zero electric scooter But if the suspension is not significant for you and you demand a wander I don’t know if there’s anything better than this Comfortable, good speeding Disadvantage: It has container dampers and when this restraint, when there’re moisten next couple of dates when it’s not cool, it doesn’t damper Now I think that we are talking too much now We should say goodbye and proceed drink water Goran: I’ve just forgotten to say that couple of days ago Leo: Goodbye