is a bit what you have there but I think I have to first imagine who is driving around on the willy that is chris krone the developer of it and here next to me there is jens nickel you Are editor he was editor at the magazine with which he also worked do project under atm 18 and you have it now and there, I thank you for it in the current issue that is what is currently appearing at the kiosk and we allowed to have it in the show so i think it’s really great i think jens is great it is a big project so what how many articles will we give now the second article in there after the preview in the so-called semiconductors helps that it is the extra thick electro edition that comes in summer i have it right away in this part all the electronics are described and in the in the next part we will describe the mechanical structure yes chris you developed the thing, how does one get the idea to do something like that? yes you have to say these so-called segways that only works with the idea to do with it what i saw are relative I like expensive, of course, advantage you stand on it and do so and so learns through the area but it is too expensive 6000 euros led entry-level device were too expensive for me and then for a couple of grounds 78 9000 euros so now you have I was once told that that was, so to speak, the driving force behind you said that’s really a great story 600,000 euros and for I was just asking, can you manage the league too, I’ll say that means that you can maybe buy in the hardware store or in electronics shop around the corner and we just tried that to tinker somehow and how to work it how long did you have needed until it works you told me you told me I started a wooden board yes that was, so to speak, the first prototype that was just once you looked a little bit of the internet sources looked at what there are possibilities and just to go try because I myself would not quite believe that is really the case it’s easy to have that on the wooden board built up that means two motors and a wooden board screwed onto two-wheelers etched a small circuit board and then programmed the controller and then you have already seen okay is out at leipzig and then it just continued it evolves from the fact that he develops the whole secret we have two wheels and everything that has two wheels can be done quickly falls over normally that is so to speak now the dynamic stabilization that means we basically have one electronics built in with sensor boards and they measure as quickly as possible this platform forward I just got here to bring you here because you can see on it, so this is such a sensor board What kind of sensors are there on it? On the one hand, we have a gyroscope on it that is an angle acceleration speed sensor, so to speak, and then also the actual acceleration sensor with it on it means one is one that measure at which angle you are to the earth’s magnetic field that’s in the principle of acceleration singer it will be two levels that is exactly what is normally used in two axes as well as we need one in principle to now determine the angle of inclination of the platform that is he is in principle not used as an acceleration sensor but actually only as an angle sensor and we get it via the virus coop the angular speed, so to speak, that is how fast you accelerate forwards or backwards or how fast the platform tilts say the doller the faster the platform gives, the more they have to do motors are accelerated that is in principle also the right one algorithm because behind it there is jens question to you i have the one here prototypes before types basically this is what they look like The finished circuit board is still a bit different, I think two boards and yes we have the one sensor board he the smb components and then we have a circuit board, a slightly larger one that is the one all the rest of the electronics and that includes the controller and the engine control this computing power that is necessary is huge or that is a perfectly normal teenager 32 in anyone can buy clocked at 16 megahertz, I saw it and it was easy to do that I would like to do it now to see what really works, yes, we have seen you landed danger but can the thing stand alone now well it could stand alone, it’s not quite right now, so to speak balanced that means he sets up then there was basically standing that means you can, so to speak, also stand now the handlebars in the free would stay in the middle and you can see, so to speak, then lean forward I actually fall over that means our shape leans and then becomes the motors accelerated so to speak that the center of gravity came back into balance phase i tipped forward and he accelerated forward thereby i became straightened up again and all braking works in principle in the same way vice versa and what do you need the handlebar for the handlebar like the name already says to steer you have to do that in principle that the engines accelerated differently, he had it to the front and I do a bit like that, so to speak, the right engine becomes more accelerated and the same when I turn back again that is how it is principle of the wheelie controllable that means you can also in principle completely Turn once open on the plate so do a 360 without now turning circle, so to speak, 0 meters accordingly, now we want to see because if you stand still a little bit then maybe you can with the Chancellor can turn it a little further here at the and also on the other side over there there is a motor and these are not small motors like one maybe know of some small appliances but you have it brought such a dreamer with you, so that’s what an engine looks like and here on it is something Chinese but is 24 volts and 500 watt that means you have 2 500 watt motors one kilowatt in there you have to have a power plant in there to carry things was no, we now have small lead gel batteries in it with an output of 9 ampere hours you can of course also use a larger one Put in the batteries or maybe in the next version sometimes lipo battery also possible, of course, but in principle we also call not the complete power from it is also so that the engines never to 100 percent controlled by we always have to have a reserve to be able to stand up again in July, so to speak, I can drive it quickly purely arithmetically theoretically 20 km h but I say there is the fearful rabbit Factor already big that means you have to be on the thing at 20 km / h normal is 12 15 km h but you can already use it to color which one distance can not be overcome now depending on the driving style create there too even so distances according to 12 15 can take an hour with it depending on how the batteries are now being used, of course, more very much a lot of driving back and forth then of course more energy is consumed jens a question for you because developers we are not allowed to ask that is the saying everything easy how difficult is it to recreate something electrical kit offer that means that are all components then the boards are already fitted and then tested the whole mechanical construction of the chassis the wheels the motors the batteries and i think i haven’t tried it myself but i know it from christa stone kit can be put together within an hour less rather less well developer that means you have to be special have the skills to assemble something like this well two left hands shouldn’t just have a screwdriver using the wrench was more than not necessary this time well now we have already talked about the software via the processor speaking of the price that is the acquisition resistance is always important i read 15 kilo euros in the semiconductors booklet – 1 euro instead and it is a sensational price, I have to say So when I think about it, it’s a quarter Of the water industry device it doesn’t cost to put it this way, of course there are always offers for everyone from elektror die make for someone who want to tinker more tinker can do a cheaper version there You can build more yourself with pleasure, the circuit diagrams are in the Elektro The oven and the software can even be downloaded for free, that is if you have that if you want you can buy all the components yourself you can buy the circuit board yourself the microcontroller can solder together millions you also just sell the millions circuit board is at least offered for download but they still sell that would it still have to be decided that is if I am a talented hobbyist as The one with two left hands that we had just then then i can charge the circuit board myself from electrical food i can procure the components myself and the software is open source he also makes it open source so not only that you can use the then also modify the software if you want to adapt the program no But there are problems with break-ins how difficult it is for such a software to write how often do I have to follow rules per second and have myself difficult is actually I have to take a sampler the last bite squeeze out no so the software itself now here that we now for the villiger once did it, so it was written with the Basques as a basic racing program, the actual rule is relatively simple algorithm are maybe even 30 40 program number more it is actually not everything around it is now, so to speak, security features but in principle the actual regulation is now only 30 40 program pay that In principle, the whole thing is controlled from within, which actually only means With the bike, the sensors are then queried in principle angle calculated and then, so to speak, the acceleration of the motors the whole thing about 100 times per second what is it all sounds easy when I do I think about how complicated it all was in the beginning as one has always thought, what is the technology for that behind it when I am the people there, for example one of the people at apple I worked really well with him, I still know from him, he had a brilliant one back then program written that was today that every child will do in spite of being good there you could get the 13 and 16 sector disks for the apple automatically detect and switch automatically I first heard from him who drives around with the commercial day and they even play the polo games with it already so I want to see again so quickly just put it on and you can start with it you can now let yourself fall so if I wanted to now really want to throw myself all the way forward so to speak, that the power of the engines can no longer intercept it then you can then make an application accordingly if but basically it’s just that the electronics have always been against it So don’t regulate and if now why move forward with momentum how do you feel somehow insecure or no so it is people need that way about ten minutes then you have to wait for that The problem is actually that it is very unnatural at first to drop in front he actually strives for a human because he then actually wants to try more to take a step forward and that’s actually the thing that you have to switch off in your head and then it is actually relatively simple and actually a very important one feeling that is a bit like sliding along so it is dreamlike off, however, not suitable for me you have one especially because of me weight limit of 90 kilos and so i can’t quite manage that why in principle it is now released up to 90 100 kg you can certainly also with 110 120 kilos on it but as I said that is now stop with the motors, let’s look at the wheels, so to speak screwed directly to the motors but there is always at some point a limit there is one thing in germany it is not allowed in public road traffic is therefore only allowed on cordoned off private property or maybe in the park or anywhere else there is a change the guest times any aspirations that one the case is six kilometers per hour but that has changed again Or it is probably so in Germany that electrically powered vehicles up to six kilometers per hour are not restricted, which means there are no limits the device is not limited to six kilometers per hour means you shouldn’t know for sure on ottostrae or something like that leave well you have to have lights on handicrafts like this in Germany you have to grope and have lighting I heard good then you can buy it I think that in the september issue the mechanical structure will be written what from then on also offer that means even a month and a half then 17 must so i think it’s a really great thing what we did there can you drive the thing i don’t have the copy yet I’ve tried a few attempts with the other – let’s see if that It’s really that simple, mr.Editor what do i have to do now right there is now a train a sensor it stands where we stand before I think everything you said about it is a great thing Congratulations to you and if I see that again that one just stand on it and and just do it, I’ll give it a try when the class viewers no longer watch, thank you very much for that i think we should just see if we can do something like that for me at some point so that would be an interesting story, there are further developments but in this direction it was said now that this and that has to be improved There is definitely still a lot to improve, but that’s how it is, for example that we now serve the second channel of the accelerometer still to stabilization of the straight ahead could use there are a few more things but I also think that the people because it stops an open source project is sure to come with lots of ideas they’ll just say hey have you ever thought about doing it that way and I think there is still a lot going to happen ok thank you very much for visiting the studio and thank you for us could represent promptly