In this atmosphere of ever increasing petroleum prices, and general uncertainty about the future of non-renewable energy, there is ever increasing interest in electric transportation alternatives. Amongst the personal transportation assisting devices that are available, there is one that stands out and makes a bold statement amongst the otherwise ordinary line of electric transportation vehicles that are presently available. This transportation device that dreams of taking the consumer market by storm and absolutely innovating the daily commute is known as the “Segway.”

Ever since its debut in late 2001, the Segway has continued to impress users worldwide. Since the Segway is both electric and completely self contained, it has found use in fields as varied as law enforcement officers on the beat, to Segway tours of some of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. Recently amidst rising fuel prices, more companies and theme parks have turned to the Segway as a viable, efficient local transport alternative for many of their clients and employees. In 2006, Segway introduced its two most recent models of upright personal transport, the i2 and the x2.

Both the i2 and the x2 rely on Segways internal gyroscope to keep the vehicle balanced and upright. Along with upright use, the Segway has a completely naturally aspired and intuitive steering design that relies on natural shifts in bodyweight to control the speed and direction of travel. Some things that set the i2 and x2 apart are the following.

The i2 is Segway’s answer to the inner city commuter. It has the daily driver in mind, and includes all of the Segways function while also remaining streamlined and efficient. The i2 comes standard with the Wireless Infokey, and the intuitive lean-steer mechanism that comes with all of the third generation Segways. The i2 also comes in two special editions, the i2 commuter which includes a locking mechanism which allows you to lock your Segway safely to an object like a bicycle rack, and the i2 cargo also includes two lockable cargo storage trunks suspended above each wheel, allowing easy and convenient transport of more of your personal belongings.

The x2 is Segway’s recreational vehicle. The x2 is built to handle off-road and rugged terrains with ease, and could be the 21st century’s answer to the golf cart. The x2 comes equipped with tough tires built for off-road excursions, and the x2 also comes in 2 golf oriented models that come with softer, wider tires that are built to protect the green. The x2 Turf comes with large, low pressure tires and scratch resistant fenders, as well as a higher clearance like all the x2 models. The x2 Golf includes all the attributes of the x2 with an easy access bag carrier included, so your Segway doubles as your caddie!

The bottom line is essentially, no matter where you want to go, the Segway can probably take you there in comfort and ease. With ever growing use from law enforcement to theme parks, the Segway will become a common sight on a sidewalk and fairway near you.


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