Segway S-Pod looks odd, yet it’s actually enjoyable


– Hey everyone, thisis Sean from The Edge and also I will ride Segway’s most recent 2 rolled automobile the S-pod. When it begins going away.( positive songs) So this is Segway’s most recent 2 rolled self positioning automobile. It’s called the S-pod. You can see I’m obviouslyin a seated ranking so I do not need to stand like celebrations usually do on a Segway. And also the suggestion right here is that you can do just the same points that youwould usually perform in a Segway. Perhaps visit a city, navigate school, yet you can do it fromthis good kicked back eminence where you have the ability to seeall the beautiful individuals that are enjoying you looklike a technical fool.Now among the wildestthings concerning the Segway S-pod is that it’s controlledby this little joystick on the side of things. So I remain in complete controlof such motions right here. And also it can stand up to 24 milesan hr which is outrageous. Now it’s cappedat 7 1/2 miles a hr which on this little trackis certainly plenty. We do not understand when thisthing will certainly get on sale. Segway claims therethinking concerning marketing it to purchasers yet theywant to begin with kind of sails and also universities andthings like that very first. Look Out Phil( laughes ). However you can anticipate that if and also when they do market my shares to beings it’ sgonna set you back a king’s ransom. So you’re more probable to see this program up in possibly a city trip ormaybe on a business school or something like that.It’s beautiful unfailing. Like I’m having a bit of problem obtaining utilized to the pleasure stick rate yet or else thisthing does not really feel like it’s gon na topple. You understand some peoplehave took a look at this point given that obtained revealed a duo weeks earlier and also asked yourself why is it 2 electric motors, why isn’t it 3 or 4. If “youve had” 3 wheels onthis except a wheelbase and also you were attempting to maketurns like I’m making currently, you would certainly get on the floor covering already.I will certainly state it’s sort of enjoyable. There resembles a suede cushioning on the seat. It’s not exceptionally comfy but also for anearly model of this point it’s rather well assembled. There’s a little sign forbid beside me that informs me just how much weapons is left. There are sunshines on the back of things that will certainly inform peoplewhich means I’m transforming which now is simply sortof right and also right once more. There’s a little switch for tusk which does not appear to function now. And also there’s a tablet computer in the opposite side that seems out which youcan usage to from another location regulate the S-pod also. Currently you could consider thisand assume that it’s something for individuals that have problem moving. And also it effectively can give that objective. It’s secure sufficient thatI seem like a person that has movement challengesmight have the ability to utilize it. However we understand Segway and also we knowwhat Segways are utilized for.They end up being things you utilize when you most likely to WashingtonDC and also wan na visit the city or walk around a shopping mall if you’re plaza police officer. Therefore I would certainly expectthat’s where we’re gon na make sure these points initially. Segway claims it’s mosting likely to at some point attempt and also market the S-pod to buyers. That understood to be much that’ll settlement. However what I can inform you is this. It might appear a little weirdbut what Segway does not. And also it’s certainly enjoyable to drive.( laughs) Woo! I’ll obtain it right this moment. Whoa, all right( chortles ). So this,( screams) whoa. I’m coming for you( titters ). -[ Man] Love it! – Quiting power leaveslittle to be desired.