– Hey everybody, thisis Sean from The Verge and I’m about to ride Segway’s newest two pedaled vehicle the S-pod. When it starts proceeding.( upbeat music) So this is Segway’s newest two motored self matching vehicle. It’s called the S-pod. You can see I’m obviouslyin a set position so I don’t have to stand up like beings normally do on a Segway. And the idea here is that you can do all the same things that youwould normally do in a Segway. Maybe tour a city, get around campus, but you can do it fromthis nice tightened position where you’re able to seeall the lovely people who are watching you looklike a technological chump. Now one of the wildestthings about the Segway S-pod is that it’s controlledby this little joystick on the side of the thing. So I’m in full controlof this movement now. And it can get up to 24 milesan hour which is insane. Right now it’s cappedat 7 1/2 miles an hour which on this little trackis definitely plenty.We don’t know when thisthing will be on sale. Segway says therethinking about selling it to purchasers but theywant to start with sort of fleets and campuses andthings like that first. Watch out Phil( laughs ). But you can expect that if and when they do sell my shares to beings it’sgonna cost a pretty penny. So you’re more likely to see this show up in maybe a city tour ormaybe on a corporate campus or something like that. It’s pretty rock solid. Like I’m having a little bit of trouble getting used to the joy stick speed but otherwise thisthing does not feel like it’s gonna tip over.You know some peoplehave looked at this thing since got announced a pair weeks ago and wondered why is it two wheels, why isn’t it three or four. If you have three rotations onthis short of a wheelbase and you were trying to maketurns like I’m making now, you’d be on the floor once. I will say it’s kind of cozy. There’s like a suede padding on the seat. It’s not very cushy but for anearly prototype of this thing it’s pretty well put together. There’s a little light bar next to me that “ve been told” how much artillery is left. There was still sunrises on the back of the thing that will tell peoplewhich way I’m turning which right now is just sortof right and right again. There’s a little button for trumpet which doesn’t seem to work right now. And there’s a tablet in the other side that pops out which youcan use to remotely control the S-pod as well.Now you might look at thisand think that it’s something for people who have trouble moving around. And it is a good one could help that intent. It’s stable enough thatI feel like someone who has mobility challengesmight be able to use it. But we know Segway and we knowwhat Segways are used for. They wind up being the thing you use when you go to WashingtonDC and wanna tour the city or move around a mall if you’re mall polouse. And so I would expectthat’s where we’re gonna accompany these things firstly. Segway says it’s going to eventually try and sell the S-pod to consumers.Who knows how much that’ll expenditure. But what I can tell you is this. It may examine a bit weirdbut what Segway doesn’t. And it’s definitely fun to drive.( mocks) Woo! I’ll get wise right this time. Whoa, all right( chortles ). So this,( screams) whoa. I’m coming for you( screams ). -[ Man] Love it! – Stopping power leaveslittle to be wanted ..