Okay, this is the matter, I speculate I is also likely set the helmet on now. I’m about to unpack the Segway Shoes. This is not what they are actually announced. They are called, Segway Drift W1 and do you retain hoverboards? Well this is basically like a hoverboard on each of your feet. We have one now. It looks a lot like a inexplicable chest but I assure you that this mystery will be resolved very soon. I predict I can take off my helmet. That’s a bit unwarranted. So I trimmed the ribbon. I was trying to spy around here because I wanted to do a preunboxing thing, but the problem is that it was very well boxed so i couldn’t do it. Teachings, these are going to be extremely important. Segway Drift W1, user manual. Is that “re going to be” me later? Do not go through potholes or uneven terrain. Do not drive on public arteries, highways, highways or streets. Avoid slopes of more than 10 units. Do not drive through puddles. Oh, there is something else. This also seems important. This is one of those things of which I do not throw the instructions. Oh! Oh wow! A wheel! It looks like a knee prepared. It looks like a knee strengthen. I have also raised knee pads and many things. Rolling up to the scene with my roof missing. I have used Segway products in the past. This is crazy when I went to college It was actually a, I don’t even know how to explain it I did guided tours of my university and we were one of the first universities to have Segways. So we had one and I was riding the Segway, and wore a helmet. Since it was so early, a lot of people didn’t even know what the Segway was. So it’s great to see how far they’ve come. He also had one of those Segway Ninebots, they were a kind of hoverboard. and used Segway technology. It was something that is much more reliable than some of those hoverboards, because the people who were preparing them, there were some really bad ones. They were everywhere. They were everywhere. And when I investigate that Segway was making one, He knew it was a brand that could be trusted. Let’s see how it loads this. So here’s our … billing cable. I’m glad I generated my skating helmet, to be ready. I too raised my skate boarding knee pads and elbow pads. A cable, so this connects now, and then this connects to the wall, and it looks like there are two separate big accusing cables to carry each of these shoes, Segway Shoes. Another thing, they can’t notice but they are very heavy. That is, “its not” that they are light-headed. Maybe seven pounds each? What do you think? You demand …? I have a weight of 8 pounds, you miss? Yes, weigh them. Agree. I’m pretty sure, this is actually a really good weight, because it will help you with your grasp fortitude extremely. God, I feel so devastated right now. I think it weighs about eight pounds. Three object five kilograms ages two. Three stage five kilograms, how many pounds? That would be 7.72 pounds. Yes, I said seven and a half, so that’s pretty accurate. Now that I know I’m a genius at everything says the girl with the helmet on, God, I’m going to make a lot of friends today. Yes, so there is the loading port, Okay, let’s onu this. Okay, we can stop filming now. Agree. Great, let’s let this quantity And then we’re going out, chaps. They seem to be loaded. The first thing he told us to do in the addresses I predicted, they situated them like this. to calibrate them. So this situates it in calibration state. They are calibrating right now. Look how beautiful. One of the things he said was don’t touch the motor. All I meditate I want to do is touch her But look at me, I don’t I am a Saint. Celebrate the good times, let’s go! They are on and on the sand. Standby mode and then switch to balance mode when you tilt it slightly, so let’s see. I’m going to wear this, because … I’m going to close the door so Matty is obscured. Yes , no babies. I don’t want to be run over. Ah, I’m doing it! I’m doing! Oh my God! OK then … I’m a bit unstable because your legs. It’s strange. It’s strange. How can I explain it? Oh God, there is a rug around here. There is a carpet! So my legs are doing something. It’s like my legs communicate not just with my mentality, but with one another. I do not know how to explain it, because basically you just move your feet and they go there. I represent, I have squandered the Segway Ninebots before, “ive had” applied hoverboard before, the only thing i’ve never tried, Even though I tried, it was the rocket shoes. They were incredibly perilous because they were going so fast, while this is different, because you’re not really tied to them, your hoof are free. They are free-spoken, your feet are free. I’m going to have to clear all the furniture in my house now. I don’t know if I’m ready for the street. You should probably try the hallway firstly. Whoa, my legs are spreading! I didn’t want that to happen! That’s the thing, when this happens you have to use some muscles to somehow force your legs together. I’m ready. If you wants to know why they seem a little tight, it is because they are from children. safety firstly. The hold is really very practical. Okay, let’s go. How is my posture? It looks like I’m on a spaceship. I’m not ready for top speed more. What if one leg decides to do something else? Faster, come on, is everything all right, come on, is everything all right. I think this is the fastest I can go now. I don’t think I’m home. Oh my God … Well, what’s going on? Matt What’s going on? I’ve been ringing your buzzer during 15 hours. What are those? So far so good, but I have come to visit you. I was wondering what Matt was doing. Hello. Hello, nice shirt. That’s very good. Thanks, can I try it? Uh … The fact that you have knee pads on your joints and a helmet, nonetheless. Oh, “its from” my skateboarding daylights. The camera extremely, it seems like a very good thing to do. Yes, okay, so now they are balanced. Basically, time, you just have to get on. What are my legs doing? Okay, we determined Matt. Now let’s go learn Ed and go for a walk around in the parking lots and I’m going to take immense slow motion shootings, To make it definitely sounds like I’m cool Hi. Hello. Go to the parking lot. What flooring? I do not know. Right now I am practicing. I feel pretty good. I feel really good about it. Have you interpret anything jug than this? What do you think, Ed? What do “youre thinking about” these? Do you think they are cool? I think they’re pretty good. The other daylight I was listening to old-fashioned music and I was like: I retain roller skating in elementary school, and how cool it was, And it might not be cool anymore and now you … Now it is. Look at this. Isn’t it cool? Don’t you think my Segway collection is complete? We drew it outside. Let’s go for a gyration and get wise. Get what? I do not know. Does that mean something bad? Sometimes my legs do this so you have to employed them back together. This is driving this amazing sidewalk. They turn off after one minute if no one is on top, which is probably a very good thing, because it will save you battery. They work independently of each other, so they’re not really connected, So this was the one I had on my left paw before and now it’s on the right, so it doesn’t really problem. It is not possible to left or right. These are. These are the Segway Drift W1. They should have been called Segway Shoes, because that’s much better, but if you want to change the appoint, don’t forget, you heard it now first. Thank you very much for watching this video. I had so much fun trying this and the surprising thing is that they seem really dangerous, so far they are easier to make than I speculated when i saw the demo video. So if you want to take a look at them, I will introduce a relation in the specific characteristics, and I’m having a lot of merriment trying them out. Hey what’s up? Do you like my shoes? They’re Segway Xapatos, babe. What are those things? It’s exactly what Matt said. Seriously? Yes, whats up? But I was being serious exactly what we those? What are those? If you are not going to go through any humps or elevation, It says you are not supposed to go higher than 10 magnitudes. It’s pretty steep. It is perhaps more than a parking lots. Show me. Come here. Now I am the grind. Okay, enormous. They’re going to run you over. They’re going to run me over. All title, guys, “ve seen you” later. Thanks for watching us. Don’t forget to subscribe and make sure to peal the bell, so that they notify you when they post brand-new videos. I hate having to say that. Is it so … Unpleasant. Sing it. Icky … Icky Yes, sing it. Offsets it great. Keke, do you cherish me? Are you going to ride your Segway?.