Segway Shoes !!! Segway Wander W1 Unboxing and also Evaluation!


alright so below’s the important things i’m assuming that i need to possibly cleared up the headgear on currently i will unbox segway footwear since’s not really what they’re called they’re called the segway drift w1 and also you men keep in mind the hoverboards well this is essentially like a tiny hoverboard on every one of your paw we have actually obtained one below it resembles an enigma box however i guarantee you this secret is mosting likely to be resolved soon i forecasts i can take the headgear off that’s a little excessive so i really did not split the video i was attempting to peek in currently due to the fact that i wished to do a pre-unboxing the issue was it was boxed extremely perfectly so i had not been able to shows these are mosting likely to be exceptionally essential segway drift w1 individual guidebook is that mosting likely to be me later on do not pass through shocks or unequal surface do not ride on public roadways freeways freeways or roads escape slopes steeper than 10 placements do not ride via pools oh there’s something else this appears essential too this is just one of those points where i do not toss the directions away one turning a knee pad it does resemble a knee pad i have actually additionally brought knee pads and also a bargain important brought up to the joint with masculinism i have actually taken in segway items in the past this is type of insane when i mosted likely to university i was really a i do not also understand just how to clarify it i generated trips of my university and also we was among the very first universities to ever before have a segway so we had one and also i would certainly ride the segway and also i would certainly use a headgear because this was so early a great deal of individuals really did not also understand what the segway was it was type of great to be able to see just how much they have actually come i additionally had among the segway 9 robots which was kind of the real hoverboards and also making use of segway innovation was something that is a lot even more trusting than several of those hoverboards due to the fact that individuals that were procreating those there were some really grumbling hoverboards and also capturing on fire they weren’t capturing on fire and also when i saw that segway was doing one i understood that this was a brand name that can be relied on see just how this implicates so below’s our billing wire i rejoice i present my skate boarding headgear to make sure that i would certainly prepare i similarly created my skate boarding knee pads and also shoulder pads one wire so this is this links into below and afterwards this links into the wall surface and also it resembles there’s 2 different little costs wires to bill every one of these footwear segue footwear one more point you men can not inform these are truly ponderous similar to this is it’s not such as these are sunup perhaps like 7 extra pounds each what do you believe do you wan na have a 8 extra pound pressure need to we you wan na yeah obtain the weight i’m quite sure this is really a truly great weight due to the fact that this will certainly aid you with your hold toughness too god i’m really feeling so shredded today i believe it has to do with 7 and also a fifty percent extra pounds 3.5 kgs days 2 3.5 kgs is the amount of extra pounds oh 7.72 extra pounds yeah i stated 7 and also a fifty percent to make sure that’s quite exact since i understand that i’m a brilliant at whatever it establishes the woman with the headgear on gosh i’m gon na wrap up numerous buddies today yes so there’s the cost port alright we’ll strike this up alright we can quit shooting currently alright cool we’re gon na provide this charge and also we’re gon na go outdoors individuals resembles they’re billed the very first point it informed us to do in the instructions that i checked out were placed them down similar to this to obtain them adjusted so this makes it right into like calibration treatment[ Music] they’re adjusting today look just how reasonably one point it did claim is not to touch the electric motor just point i intend to do is touch it however check out me i’m not i’m being risk-free[ Music] begun it is powered on and also parked on the support[ Music] standby state and afterwards it enters into equilibrium setting when you somewhat tip it so allow’s see and also mounted this on due to the fact that yeah no domesticateds oh i’m doing it i’m doing it oh my benefits when they s alright so i’m a little unstable due to the fact that your legs it’s strange it’s strange just how do i also clarify oh god there’s a rug over below my legs are doing something it resembles my legs are not interacting with not only my knowledge however with each other i’m not exactly sure just how to clarify it due to the fact that essentially you just relocate your feet and also like it begins that acces and also the important things is i have actually used up the segway 9 obstructs prior to i have actually made use of the hoverboards prior to the one point i never ever truly attempted although i did give it a shot was the projectile footwear those were extremely dangerous due to the fact that they went so rapidly whereas this is various due to the fact that you’re not really attached right into it your foot are totally free they’re totally free your foot are totally free i’m gon na require to remove all the furnishings in my home currently i do not understand if i’m road prepared i must possibly simply do a corridor initially well my legs are spreading out apart i do not desire that to take place like that’s the important things is when these type of obtain similar to this like you reached truly utilize some muscle mass to kind of like patrol your legs back with each other i’m all prepared if you’re asking yourself why these might look a little limited it’s due to the fact that they’re youngsters’s sanctuary initially the take care of is really rather practical good allow’s go just how’s my stance it seems like i get on a spacecraf i’m not prepared for complete rate yet like what happens if one leg determines to do another thing i believe this is as quick as i can go i do not believe he’s residence oh my god i have actually been calling your buzzer for like 15 mins what are those thus far so great however i pertained to see you i resembled i do not understand what matt’s doing hello there hey there wonderful jacket tee shirt that behaves can “i m attempting” uh the truth that you have elbow joint knee pads and also a headgear though oh “its for” my skateboard epoches camouflage too appears like an especially unique point to do oh yes alright so currently they’re positioned you mainly just you truly get on what are my legs doing alright so we located that currently we’re gon na go discover ed and also we’re gon na travel about in the parking lot and also i’m gon na obtain some truly great slow-mo shots to make it resemble i’m truly great hello there yes most likely to the parking lot uh what floor i do not understand so today i’m practise i’m really feeling respectable sensation respectable concerning it are you seen anything container than this what do you believe ed what do “youre considering” these do you believe is great i believe it’s type of cool time a few days ago i resembled paying attention to aged songs and also i resembled guy i recollect roller skating like in primary school and also just how great that was and also it may not be great once again and afterwards currently it is check out this material isn’t it awesome would not you believe my segway collection’s end we repaired it outside allow’s move and also obtain it obtain what i do not understand times that imply something poor review my legs often do this so you obtained ta like absolutely obtain them back with each other this is managing this walkway amazing[ Music] so they switch off after a hr if no person’s on them which is possibly a truly good idea due to the fact that it’ll conserve your weapons they do function independent of each various other so they’re not really both linked so this was the one that i carried my left unguis prior to and also currently it gets on the right so it does not truly matter there’s no left or best these are it these are the segway drift w1 they need to have been called segway footwear since that’s method colder however if you do intend to transform the track record do not neglect you heard it below initially thanks men a lot far better for seeing this video clip i had a lot enjoyable attempting these out and also the unexpected point is they do appear truly harmful however thus far they were a lot simpler to ride than i idea when i viewed the trial video clip so if you men intend to examine these out i’ll utilize a participate the certain features and also i’m having a lot enjoyable attempting them yo what’s up you like my footwear they’re segway footwear babe what that’s specifically what matt stated really indeed he goes what however “hes been” completely severe like specifically what we those specifically what we those you’re not discussing any type of insane shocks or any type of hillsides it claims you’re not intended to rise like 10 seriousness sensibly saturate it resembles perhaps greater than a parking lot reveal me come below below i am the flooring alright cool we’re gon na come run over i am gon na obtain run over good men we’ll see you later on many thanks for seeing do not fail to remember to subscribe make sure to strike the bell to make sure that you’ll be alerted when i article new video clips i dislike that i need to claim that it’s so so nasty sing it nasty yeah sing it causes it great kiki do you love me or you razz know your[ Music] segway[ Music] you