this is called what street Frenchmen Street I’m an age-old friend Ryan from Alvin Spanish guideline 68 they’re performed simply give you guys a little bit of framework about that rapture saw Louisiana New Orleans all the way up until 1763 the government has turned it over to Spain they’re tired of losing money on having this monumental province over here the Spain takes over and they assure it up until 1800 button 1788 and again in 1794 the city burn roughly to the ground twice Spanish of course the second time inside right we’re not going to build anything out of wood anymore you know something’s going to go up at the smart-aleckies from a equal but they decided to start using brick or brick Warner more sturdy information to build the building so that’s why she has me travel along in the French Quarter you’ll ensure the galleries and balconies and love the design is actually Spanish and blueprint and creations that’s why the word French Quarter is kind of a misnomer architectural II speaking of course both of the people that were here even during the spanish most everybody was still French and cultured language everything because the Spanish couldn’t hardly convince anybody to come over here except for most paid administrators and soldiers who are here temporarily against their will because because you know so hot humid lots of you disease alligator difficult to grow things all those factors come on and of course the French had a heck of a era get any behavior to come over here firstly they basically cleared out the rabble parish no felons and vagabonds set up over here and forcibly to populate the province formerly we are sure that this car is going to stop stop Simon go across now we go go ahead crystal and filming more cour de casa you skate sake eyeballs out a clamp toward the back bark on Sylvania upstairs separate disallow galleons enormous people-watching Stan these daytime 9 Tuesday night should be pleasant one of the weekends it’s a sardine can I don’t really enjoy it like going on the weekends but on a weeknight fantastic plaza to see