viewer discretion is admonished law enforcement all believes are innocent until proved guilty in a court of law hello and let’s get started my epithet is Alvin maker I’m with the Department of Public Safety CCBC Catonsville campus for the next couple of hours I will be giving you a tour of the segway you’ll celebrate the basic operations and likewise get a feel of what it’s like to travel a segway from the driver’s perspective shall we go for a travel when responding to emergencies and had to deal with deterrents park the segway descend and arm the security aspect the segway is given with a security facet announced lock just like your remote control for your automobile you can lock and secure your segway utilizing the elevator is not that hard approach just like normal approach the call button standoff or write off to the side and await its appearance if the elevator is clear of equestrians safely enter the elevator and select which flooring you desired to travel to when departing the elevator it is recommended that you extend one hand so that the elevator opening sensor can sense that you are going through you are eligible to never be too safe your segway is equipped with halogen headlights so that you can illuminate your patrol domain and the dark while journeying at night or in dark arenas use urge and drive at moderate hastened you by the end of this course you’ll have the confidence you’ll need to maneuver safely through campus scaping hazards students and other things on campus your teach will too school you how to enter and departure entrances successfully and safely segue and equilibrium state will help you and carrying the Segway up and down stairs with ease it is department policy that the rider must dismount the Segway prior to tackling the task of going up or down a specify of stairs