the trials are back on with this is the cyber this isn’t a bike Oh what what’s go god what’s going Oh chaps I came here to travel bikes like oh[ __] oh[ __] fucking – god I watch a solicit I’m sorry guys I came here right like wait who’s firstly how it is oh wait what about chasing me and I tell you lose your bike what’s happening what’s going on um are we a looper male shooting then the Hulk chase me then I’m[ __] I came third oh don’t that will happen right you don’t know you’ve got finished oh well what is happening here I got some decent details at least oh that’s nice I don’t know I’m so confused right now okay so I crave the Phoenix bike no no elect I envision she’ll be a mix might be donkey well no we’re done with please hurry we’re done with the pirating is your that[ __] complain yeah my color you might go donkey Josh no wait that’s a blazer on this game move beg this is called the Swedish lopes in Swedish for a whole race by the way sprechen hunts be sweet IKEA VC’s aha okay I’ll shave up a racist huh oh no that’s not prejudiced meatballs Freddy Lumbergh ah oh my gosh i swagged it by actually I died I didn’t swag it anymore buy a real sweet I’ve[ __] it again a pensive Swede know what cancer people I never had to do this before in trials I’m near my house wait wait what are you doing my sweet PewDiePie Swedish ie shrubs yours English now go on excuse me well no I was so confident I was right in the end man same normality is restored I let’s do this let’s do this Toby come on wait wait am i okay I’m okay oh[ __] oh no wait that’s right it why are you laughter you okay for he’s a chap yes seven okay well I think we’re still gonna dump Vic can i okay and we’re okay oh[ __] ah how do these entries on its way so bang why to that your 10 -second poise no you’re nine seconds ago come d’argo closer together for the final oops oh you could have tried to bail out if you get a load of my course Josh oh yeah wait why do huh how can I get my this station because it is experiments if you get a fault no I foresaw I actually lost phases from the original no I thought you get Toby got a point when he was behind me because I’m not going to like the swag he didn’t die as much oh yeah this was that the segue Oh what what the[ __] what’s going on we got segways what’s going on these days[ __] Oh God oh my what Simon oh yeah she works ok I’m not establishing that yeah yeah like it alone oh oh you go down sorry ok yep yeah what wagga night yep yep yeah i’m swaggin i’m swaggin yeah that’s who I got on you wait how you meant to do that what do you think sure did it yeah you go you go to go on some caskets I’ll move up again no oh all right stop rushing stop rushing to me no Russian Russian no Russia I miss Maya I’m swaggin boasting on you know is is this swag way actually a motorcycle it really looks like a swag way right doubt nature you see what is I manufactured it hey that was sick fun good whatever it is you examine the bicycle Vic nice please Thomas actually microphone it’s not bike Vic now lead go for down there no no weaponed I’ve gone for now you’re head of Egan Kyle dreaded now we go falafel yes I fell out Oh a little Uman nope on go the low-spirited artery okay analyze hasten it’s not construct us don’t there no no no no no no no influence oh oh yes oh my gosh repair Oh though motorcycle on hold it together okay comprised it together nice yeah as if you were don’t fall over again Josh I’m oh my god are you guys don’t instead chaps I said like we would like to know a liberate tongue why are you not being delightful why did I recognize we now finish up my my heavines you’ll fit your 15 seconds now if I can do it you both can do it yeah long how did you open Hill it’s right there what I gotta bail out oh I’m Josh what the[ __] did I do oh my crate I could make it up the hill I rolled up my back in the hallway the[ __] sake I testified em in this playlist no not new kiln wash our moment I’m just a better better basically the bicycle so we can get in there and bail we haven’t we’ve utilized a rifle where’s this one we used one bite is some shopping cart here oh this is meant to be a bike game what how does this be worse booster how can this fucking – god why does this what what those results are dropping out of us how do I turn I have my mum Oh shopping Sumter I vanish shop is that oh you go back to start okay not good oh my god Supermarket sweet cubs okay this is a bit fast as it was oh no no no this is how I guess my[ __] oh my god what the[ __] yo you respawn why does this guy shot not as a checkpoint on this spray boys[ __] well I did the first two Joe checks right although delight I got a checkpoint see you guys second I’m big climb again jog happen to me how am i doing there oh I can get genuinely I are beg you gaze where did you get your reeling fairway oh wait just where did this guy gets Rowley from oh[ __] Wow when you get is Rowley from yeah I get Rowley from us let’s not notice it fix me quoting grime hymns no no no this doesn’t make sense oh[ __] on a turn the mic on appreciation I don’t know if I finish up to crash right intention well I actually came her to stay a lot of wait what why is this car[ __] shattered Josh how do you do that uphill bit but going uphill no the cart doesn’t go uphill yeah it “didnt really”[ __] doesn’t trust me I did it oh I can’t I can’t do the first newspaper now actually when I’m in the car pocket watch the farm oh huge people go break but that mode oh my God thank God Jesus it doesn’t matter anyway I can’t do the first flake get started like here because I’m not okay right we have to stop here Josh wow wow wow some of you thought I was a shoe undertaking he’s done it Josh okay yeah but I might on the neck yeah while yet still so this book’s gonna move freaking “re pretty” finished moving we know this next bit is[ __] done Simon hell yeah I try make sure I can stop it this is horrible this is actually a gruesome horrendous scoot I hope the Creator descends over oh I eventually done that around them or anyway this sport isn’t around them or Fucking – god no perhap I miss the bad guys again well yeah where is the fight where do you see the motorcycle I know I can’t come up this mountain you’re right here I don’t know where my motorcycle moves where’s the time and I’m rowing down here insure I’m the rise I’m rolling[ __] down here what I get was me okay back to you undermine break smash oh my got to get out[ __] life[ __] purpose why can I not go forward okay I going back towards them I can’t why can’t I go forward I don’t understand this[ __] hey Josh how was I learned some hard I simply can’t everything lean back do I imagine my foot are in the middle of my bike is that once way today I’m forgetting that oh my god lean back lean back okay all right lean and sounds there you go imagine your publication back happening forward doesn’t change anything oh my god like I just let Toby down a jump unlike your front Lee my jump align the movement but lean forward when you do jump so you shore you lean back one goes into this fighting the way guys on now hi salmon come on Vick I’m so[ __] perplexed I’m like a back turn in my patronize go-cart a classic oh well II bet I got another jump on my crony lean back hey Simon no no what okay wait just go without finishing our kiss happen yeah I merely I time had to kill myself yeah that many times it’s fine wouldn’t have it no okay come on Vick Wow come on hello khun[ __] trying I’m slender proven that’s why because I’m showing because he kinda – what really I am now Sonny all right all right where do I vanish oh wait he’s done it yeah so go on tell me quick okay I’m braking what’s happening I bailed out got to go no I I don’t know just go Toby wait Simon becomes nothing on now full speed onward and the[ __] guy’s done why I choose what’s up hey Dad what’s happen used to the National 2nd curve it comes seconds cope what she can use Oh quick I didn’t know what the[ __] was happening there that hey why George told me Toby you realise I stopped at the finish line I told you to go no I shall not take a second place like that turn fasten come by a Buick I think there were any one[ __] was houses they bowed out and kill themselves for your sake we’re doing out a whole scoot and then you went off my recording I was just patronizing being I was trying it my mommy okay what[ __] Oh son melt guys oh here we go this is Maya this is my area of expertise I know it kind of looks like a sand King yeah yeah I mean you got truly you get at crazy buggies are you Simon yeah for these various like your attic pedals like these rotations hope they were cool cool hey you got a side down you can and you have age let’s go how did you turn over your flatten enclose ah these are rollers hi guys I’m not good at this person lover oh my god vibrates oh my god Hollis how do you turn a car floats you don’t flip you never sit how do “youre sleeping” or would blood it again but when you’re actually on your back yeah my big-hearted adult hop come on climb it Clara nope can we climb this hill I don’t got a convert oh[ __] can you drown key drought we plug it there we go oh you flower I’m holding forward Josh nothing happens you’re violate controller no no it doesn’t work really you disable your backstages injuring I bet you did it once while you’re going really quick and you think it productions every time Carola no I burst my controller turn go run go disappear go run if you don’t mind exactly uh throw in a ripple it again I turn ting are you learning Josh go yeah that’s crazy okay this game as well yes I like causing tournaments while the games can we create what’s one word that’s know in the comments what games you originate them after they’ve been created Josh that starts sense I’m not higher than one no you’re a faker I don’t know okay I’m fake it into a make it yeah I entail back number Lina boom big my jump turn few expertise surely you should be like who me I’ve no Simon I “ve told you” it wasn’t you visualize what yeah and then I told you about five minutes ago a few J’s know this one use my ears things get spunky up in my own duration the other point can we all simply point out what only you said my classroom very same stuff I don’t like examining a he’s my ears and so hearing a date Wow now I’m behind Wayne uh it is sick I believe in a finish line go circulate oh god sorry no no for[ __] like Josh you’re twenty seconds you can do it like fighting uploading my car’s finish yo I was going it’s I was good wait I laid out there better I’m not the finish your I’ll finish the eyes over the hill yeah sure so much for the hill you grab it up and we all died I did bail out oh did it did you so much it believes are yes it was so much farther than the hill oh my sovereign is it is anybody taking actual bicycle no I don’t know if I tell you about how your vehicle drives I review I just came here to put oh my father what are we here to play a motorcycle tournament not a[ __] whatever the[ __] this is gay it’s a drag vehicle review it’s a[ __][ __] char on the elephant it’s a rocket ship rocket[ __] we’re going on a trip in my favorite rocket ship wait you support it hold back you can fly you don’t want to know you do you can oh they don’t said you do while you’re in Las Vegas we’re going on into flying hit up favorite records your gear[ __] Oh little Einstein side fly one I think you did just wanted to fly a little bit yeah yeah Thailand I’m on bad I’m on dense son what happens now oh son we travel the runny travel the beckons I’ll preserve flying mortal is how much do we like now sup oh[ __] that isn’t finished oh no that make it oh that’s the finish oh I precisely subdued my this is not my daylight simply wet oversized oh oh god what right Simon come on no joke I told your my screen yeah oh my boss I literally disintegrated on the burn I should have been a welder Sakia Simon oh we is entered into his motorcycle what is it you people want bye we wanted it was a bike hasten what do you want I rehearsed with motorcycles I think this one are likely to be motorcycles guys it’s my spec where we are my first personal I don’t know if we play this a lot oh my god is to buy no no as one of those wait wait to jump what my knees I always what where am I oh[ __] I’m oh my god[ __] what the[ __] is going on now oh my god[ __] this snow that is man God I merely this is so[ __] estimate and everywhere I’m[ __] to mad okay I don’t like what’s all going on international I can just do this come on make it hard to focus or go there we go am I trying to go here why most struggling with this bum oh no no this guy’s pissing me off now oh[ __] okay where am I going that hole where are going this is a mind fog Oh who’s here with me me salmon power by nature generally ones about Tobias the curious I can’t make it out no he isn’t that’s a difficult one in there Josh don’t get wet on we’re on something and then we’re not what is it hon yes I miss it I demand independent experts but I’m what huh yes finally huh that’s a nonsensical John yeah chaps guys welcome to us[ __] let’s discovery a next one yeah I don’t even get to the one after this one the next one’s ridiculous okay people I’ll be stuck here for a bit we’ll say one of those ones come on oh okay told you last-minute boys yeah oh yeah go nowhere how’d you do this one I crave I did it that’s a start no I can’t do the next one how do you do this fast bit Josh time epoch it like what’s word I’m looking for Wow what background I say buy a what yes yes the backwards and forwards thing okay what though no I’m not originating no I understand I do this oh my god I can’t even make it closer oh my god oh[ __] this is I just got the next flakes of material understood they’re very easy and what goes back on this road is not easy job I’m still stuck where I got to start a long time ago I live she can’t no I’m sorry no I shouldn’t if in Cheyenne it wasn’t we’re supposed to be of course it wasn’t oh yeah no he wasn’t the I been stuck here anyway so doesn’t make a difference I Josh how do you the movie thing can you explain the reasons look what is that if you can’t do know that these shrimp entrails well I’m toy it much okay it’s not working on the pastime ask bucks runways CY sake[ __] that that was the worst playlist ever Wow whoa chill