This is the Segway X1 60, an electric dirtbike that has a top speed of 31 mph, with plenty of torque and acceleration in order to be allowed to sprintfrom 030 in really 4 seconds. The X160 features a appropriately designed and lightweightframe, while being potent and nimble and at the same time very quiet, so you can ridein more places where you usually cant take a dirt bike For ordering the bike, one of the advantagesof the X160 is that its available on Amazon, and we sought it when it was on sale for $3,000 instead of the $3,500 retail.Also, with Amazon you have a 30 day returnwindow if you dont like it and with a Amazon prime card, you are able to save 5% or getfree financing for 18 months. We too knew it on sale at other places for $3,000 with ticket codes that will save you money Well applied all the links and best slews inthe description of this video. Our X1 60 shipped quickly from Amazon throughUPS and reached in time 3 epoches. It sends in a large box with the bicycle mostlyassembled. Along with the motorcycle, you get the front fender, 2 pegs, a placed of tools, the charger, and a fixed of 2 keys for the bicycle. They also include a metal poster that has allthe proper torque specs. For initial setup, the breast wheel needs tobe installed, which requires removing the axle, placing the spacers and rowing up thewheel. The next gradation is setting up the top handlebar. This asks first ligning up the bar andscrewing it in, and then doing each side of the handlebar with the throttle, brakes andgrips. The last step is adding on the front fender, together with the pegs on each side and the bike is complete Finally you lent the artillery, push it in andits quite prepared to ride.The Segway X1 60 also has bluetooth and phoneapp which is a unique feature that the Sur Ron’s do not have When you first set up the app, you can easilyconnect and duet the motorcycle. You then have to activate the bicycle and createan accounting, go through the safety and rules on how to use the bike Once in the app, “youre seeing” the reach andbattery remaining.You can also quickly adjust the speeding modes, which includes the twisting force of the accelerator, and a Limited or High power output specifying. From the central screen you can also turn onor off regen braking. And lastly you can also track your rides, which operations GPS and calculates total miles, ride epoch and max quicken It too saves all your goes and displaysa planned so you can playback where you rode. Looking at the design, the X160 has a forgedaluminum formulated which maintains this dirt bike lightweight at 106 lbs. The artillery weighs 18 lbs, and the rest ofthe motorcycle 88 lbs.For superpower, the Segway has 300 watts of nominalpower, with a top supremacy of 3,000 watts. The motor is located on the bottom of theframe, below the artillery and near the hoof pegs This allows huge value delivery anda lower center of gravity, specially comparison with most other ebikes that have the batterymuch higher up on the formulate. The engine is direct drive with a bond andlarge 48 tooth sprocket, which contributes to creating 23 hoof pounds of flower torque. Compared to most other ebikes, that makesit rapid. Only watch how it takes off the line nextto the Super 73 RX, an ebike with 2,000 watts of crest superpower Seeming at the artillery, its a 20 amp hour, 48 v that sits at the centres of the bicycle. You can easily open the latch, unplug the2 reins, and pull the artillery out. This attains it useful to store the bike inone neighbourhood and accompanying the artillery in to charge.It too helps reduce weight when carryingor loading the bike into a truck. For suspension, it has an adjustable 3rear loop sicken. For the front shocks, the X160 has a singlecrown adjustable aura sicken. We felt the dangling on this bicycle handledeverything we kept it through, but having in mind that you can easily improvement the shockswith newer higher end ones. For dampers, the segway X160 features bothhydraulic figurehead disc brakes, together with a regenerative braking that comes from the motor. You can feel the regen restraint come on assoon as you let off the control, and it almost resembles the feel of what you would get froma 2 apoplexy device. We had our friend Evan who razzes a 2strokeKTM trip the bike and gave it through some research He is 6 foot and weighs 160 lbs. He journeyed in an area that includes loose sand, route going and few small-minded mounts. Right apart, he was really enjoying it. He specially liked how hushed it was, allowinghim to hear more of the soil and whats happening in different areas of the bike. Likewise, being able to stop when taking a breakand hearing nothing is a whole new feeling, together with not having any heat coming up fromthe bike.The power to value ratio likewise means you caneasily control it. It gives people more confidence on the course, specially come a regular motocross bike, to enable you to hit features and pushyourself where you normally wouldnt on a greater bike Riding it in the beach, it travel through iteasily and can quickly maneuver due to the light load However, the X160 only has 17 rotations and7 0 by 100 tires, so at times the front rotation did struggle and get buried.Riding in grove footpaths, you can really openit up and touched top speed quick. Hitting a few aspects, the dangling feltslightly rigid, but we likewise hadnt adjusted the preload and backlash We did take one spill, after trying to hopover a tree croaking roughly full speed. Fortunately he was fine, and surprisinglythe bike was fine as well, with no shatter. The only thing we had to do was realign thehandlebar and the bike was ready to ride again. We too noticed the control automaticallyshut off and disabled when the bicycle came, which is a great safety mechanism. Another advantage of the small weight of thebike is that if you do fall, you can dump the motorcycle easily and get out of the way. For range, Segway publicizes a range of upto 40 miles for the X160. However, we think it is inflated and thattype of range could only be achieved disappearing very slow with a light-headed rider in eco mode. For our razz, we journey for about 45 minutesof hard riding in athletic mode with the names maxed out By the end of the ride, the bicycle was downto 10%, which causes it go into limp mode, which dramatically reduces the supremacy and topspeed to 10 mph.Separately, we did another street exam forrange. We go on the street going 25 3 0mph for almost8 miles to an offroad area. Once there, we go around 23 miles for ahalf hour, and that bring the artillery down to 10% and hobble procedure. Overall, the battery reach is emphatically alot less than advertised, and something to consider since it takes 45 hours to fullycharge a battery. We think this type of dirt bike would be moresuitable for a backyard or adjacent going roads where you can quickly get to. For long trips and exploring far, you couldeasily get stranded.We made the bike down a long dirt road, androde in a sand oppose with a lot of loose sand with ponderous accelerator, and it started takingthe battery down 20% in exactly 5 to 10 minutes of razzing there This limited our time to ride and had us worriedabout getting back with enough artillery. While the X160 is a quick and fun electricbike that is easy to master, it also makes it possible for more parties to get out onthe lines and get started. However, the X160 did leave us wanting formore, and we too felt the 17 pedals are too small for us and most adults For us, this bicycle feels too small so we willbe upgrading and examining the Sur Ron X that comes with 19 pedals and a bigger batteryand motor. The Segway X1 60 is the smaller edition ofthe Sur Ron but comes from the same factory.Segway offers the bigger version called theX2 60, while Sur Ron has the X which is the same bike but without bluetooth and app, andit comes in much cheaper at $3,600 from However, the Sur Ron is known to sell outand could take months to send. Meanwhile we were able to get our X160 fromAmazon on sale and delivered in simply 3 periods. We also think the X160 is a perfect beginnerbike, particularly for young teens and kids looking to get going quickly and progress.It likewise becomes for a great 2nd bicycle for anyoneinterested in ebikes and what they have to offer For accessories, we recommend upgrading thegrips to ProTaper Pillow surfaces, along with upgrading the disc pads to Shimano. Since the X160 doesnt come with a dawn, we exerted our Serfas front and rear LED suns which readily fit on the front and rear. Well leave relations in the description tothose supplements. Alright, thats it for now. If youre interested in the Sur Ron, besure to agree since well be refreshing next Let us know in the comments what you thinkand what you want to see in that video next ..