I couldn’t watch if you’re showing you know how their colleagues just step on the bar which behavior this one I’ve shown it down yeah like what’s his monochrome is the eye extremely and then the other ones x2 x2 yeah it’s pretty slick it’s more constrict extremely so based on the customers application like if you’re trying to go in a doorway like say your businessman employ Twitter work this is a beast don’t go to a doorway whereas this one you get is open a opening going to go in so why would you use the x2 x2 I sell ups in the farmers sand is okay that’s cool yeah no problem what’s on the hair is fastening that what else so this is the info key so this controls the time the time the battery life is on there right you can alarm it so if you left it you don’t want parties messing with it make the key and pitch the alarm now someone tries to steal it drive it there Travis and cheddar and it’ll also fasten the tires they wouldn’t do it even for you supercool pretty thing yeah what do you think there chaps everybody wants a try try it yeah hey let me show you how it wreaks that’s cool you can are you gonna work here parttime with us