well the segways arrived quite a big box it’s big in fact can you simply get wise through the door so I’m now going to open it and gave it up wait for the rainfall to stop and probably have a little go around lunchtime its casket is open first thing you see when you open the box this humongous motor and then the rest of the clique you can see you there we put in food deters guidebooks is your the massive nature or I make this thing is huge it’s like a small car that you stand on the artilleries go in this box they’re already in the second before they route it so it comes perfectly charged this is obviously the entrust rail right here get two of those from their program to the Segway so if you lose your keys you were really screwed because you can’t only buy another key and use it you have to get a reprogram and in each prove permissions and everything so be careful if you buy a second-hand one of these that you’ve got then interference you able to use it okay let’s get this thing out the box yeah enough to lift this vocalist to the back of my vehicle so if you promoted this up the box now so we get a good plan of how heavy the digits have to lift it up over this box we got to get out and that’s the kind of I’m gonna have promoted to get into my jag take away x2 oh yeah I’m gonna find some teaches here and then figure out how to articulate this thing together it’s not painful to lift these because then this hits on your shins so I contemplate going it out of the car I’m gonna have to remove the lithium-ion batteries which I think weigh about 5 kilograms each so once these are out a lot lighter but it naturally wants to sit up which is cool okay so I’ve got the six massive so puffing actual Segway itself and the handlebar the only other box we’ll see in this one is for the serial number on the example quantity feature the box we have two of these veiled photo keys on the info key you have a barcode which tells you that serial number and everything ages pre-programmed see you’re two of those and you cannot do anything with this about the information keys they’re programmed to a specific Segway so if you lose them you in trouble so I’m gonna make sure I keep one of these fasten somewhere and then the other one I’ll exactly keep on me all the time okay now we delve into the box thing about Segway they go to the front in the same way once the handlebars are in place this is just slot into the front and service charges cable I visualize the charger it is the Chargers built into the Segway so it’s just a normal standard kettle result you plug in three it’s carrying ponderous charges around is not fun and there’s a little plastic clasps I predict they yeah they got all the info key which then slots into the handlebar see you have like a little speedo now and then the last thing in this box we have a few rods here and you know what they I’m sure the instruction coin “re going to tell me” getting started I think there may be a DVD as well as so I may be required to get some popcorn and then that’s it the box is now empty my mothers are leaving house soon so they’ll be happy when these enormous boxes I lower on them so exactly an American mode which would be good some good can understand with this thing okay we have the blue tree allen keys was started manual watch this safety video before you razz and an instruction manual which is to say how to get out of the box I probably should have looked at that first but you know you get very excited with these things and you really do it and then there’s a few messages here it’s very scary the citation manual lithium-ion batteries leader apparently you are able to never led the batteries absolutely flat you can damage them so you typically take it down to back 20% on this total over the phone and here’s our manual so I’m not gonna sit down with this light reading before going out on that so here we have the Segway video English congratulations big-hearted ears of your new Segway person I intend it’s very happy about it the Segway PT is a breakthrough technology but it’s not supernatural just like driving a auto journeying a bike or even treading I’ve never seen this one online before I wonder why that is PT’s unique self matching plan forms working it seems so easy that you may not realize the serious potential risks I have seen this this is online Wow look at that age-old computer make sure your Segway PT is properly assembled and adjusted in charge your Segway okay I’ve seen this about three times this video on YouTube but satisfy watch it again guys because you know we want to be safe now so come back to the main menu because I’ve noticed at the lower end of this expression list “were having” guidebooks my DVD player is suddenly turned into a horrible operating system that I genuinely don’t like expend because it’s so terrible well I feel so dirty oh do I need a PC then you click on guidebooks and then the computer gate-crashes because it’s Windows and then you restart your computer and then you click on guides again and you deem your sigh like you used to do with the old-fashioned range Vanessa okay okay it’s together this is genuinely the first time uncleanliness on trying it so kind of hoping it toils green light we’re on awesome today you