The Segway is a battery-operated two-wheeled vehicle that is thought to be a revolutionary vehicle. It is a way of moving people from place to place. It requires self-balancing and therefore the user needs practice before he can safely travel on it.

Its technology uses the dynamic forces of a pendulum that is inverted- which can have control problems. The electric motor may be charged using an ordinary household current. With the help of dual computers that run the proprietary software, it helps for balance also using sensors that were developed by BAE Systems such as the give gyroscopic and the two tilt sensors.Wheels are moved either backwards or forwards by the powerful servo drive motor. The rider is in control of the forward movement via leaning forward, and by leaning backward, the vehicle will move backward. To turn, the newer models are enabled with a handle bar to steer.

There was premature hype over the gossip of the upcoming two-wheeled vehicle. Some people thought it as big a deal as even the PC, while others thought the machine “sucked.” Some people believed it to be as big an invention as the Internet, only to be disappointed upon its release.

There are good things about the Segway. It is the leader in personal transportation. It was thought to have the potential to revolutionize how people work and play. While many were disappointed to the revolution fizzle, many companies and individuals greatly benefit from the two-wheeled vehicle.

Police officer is many states and countries are utilizing the machine for protection of the people. Employees of theme parks, airports and other vast areas use the Segway as an easy and convenient means of travel.

Invented by Dean Kamen, it is manufactured by Segway Inc. of New Hampshire, USA. While invented in the USA, many other countries are taking advantage of its unique mean of travel.

Segways are used in Asia, Europe, North America, Mexico and Oceania. In Canada, there are restrictions on the vehicle. Segways are not allowed to be driven on public roads in Alberta, especially those with sidewalks for pedestrians. They are also not allowed on bicycle paths owned by the city. Some malls, however, permit their use. The Ministry of Transportation, located in Ontario, has begun a trial program where drivers of Segways can be 14 years of age or older with a disability, for deliveries such as for employment, for the Canada Post and police officers. Others can use them on private property.

In the United States, Segway has challenged some of the bans and has sought to gain exemption from sidewalk restrictions which has included over 30 states. Since it has not been classified as a medical device, the Segway has been restricted from being used on sidewalks as well as for public transportation in some municipalities. Today, the vehicles are allowed to be used on the sidewalks in many of the states, although some areas still may not allow their use. There are many states that only allow the Segways to be used in the designated bicycle lanes or on roads where the speed limit is 25 mph or less.

There is a non-profit organization called, Segs4Vets that provide Segways for men and women of the U.S. military who have sustained injuries due to service in the Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom Operations.


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