hello and welcome to netbooks today i acquaint you to a ego strap scooter we are now unpacking the scooter here is the instruction manual the charger the connection cable for the charger and here is the super scooter therefore two hedge fund is available then we have two produced brightness that illuminated when you drive now his hand and on the side is the institution button and the charging socket if if you switch on the feed, the artillery light-coloreds up and usually it is is always blamed so that you can really drive off right away, everything I goes to show you others now, the most effective way to start is what I learn everything occupations if you set up two chairs then it is good to turn on and with one foot on this purpose of the city if you move your hoof forward the scooter somewhat forward on this place if you tilt your paw backwards, the scooter stalls or drives it afterwards back when he plays up and notices how that well reacts then you can look he should find the balance if you make it found that is good it no longer moves and the paw rose calmly you can then step up in the second foot and feel safe with one another chairs time get used to the situation a bit exactly how firstly acts and then you feel fulfilled on it Let croak of the student and just drive slowly You learn how to use the scooter very quickly, so you can actually get it on can get on and drive safely outdoors in a short time the very best thing is very easy to use, you can drive backwards forwards even when cornering, you actually notice the weight of 12 kilos while driving not at all and it is also very easy to turn so that you can go straight to the The scooter are also welcome to turn around quickened of up to twelve kilometers per hour and a variety of approx. 15 kilometers if the artillery level is below 15 percentage twilights then the battery lamp flares up red and if the The battery level quits below five percent, then a signal sounds and then you are able to get off as quickly as possible because it can happen the good otherwise stops hurriedly and you then involuntarily dismount the device then needs about three hours to charge the scooter is given with very powerful engines so that it is a Incline of up to 15 with ease overcomes the scooters are available from 500 euros our first invention is on ebay but bought it was flawed and for this reason we decided to add it decided to order the second device via amazon that was there very quickly and i have a link to the scooter in the video Description done thank you for watching when you guys liked the video then I’m happy about a digit up if you want to see more of me then expressed support for me so bye told you next time.