and welcome to my path off-color chassis video today we’re doing a little unboxing of a brand-new one Necessitates of transport and it is a self offsetting timber or mallet called board now only says smart on the box reverberates weird but its like that so jam-pack out multitude sound something I prescribed one like this at the iss in the Bahamas English supplier had arrived for a relatively long time, I also took two weeks but cardboard but then we just watch something firstly, funny fairly the key to the hammer card looks like this Funnily enough, this is an original Porsche 911 key and that is the simulate is amazing what the chinese can do with our things to imitate is a bit smaller but appear good next we have a charger here there is an american system in this one there should be something that can also be dangerous how to use it an adapter for our 220 volt socket and an instruction manual in English that is the 220 volt adapter for our german sockets now the harm is when this adapter is in the wall is where you come with this plug-in system on here then you already have one contact closed and one can arrive at these banks I wouldn’t use that because we have these lock cables here nothing can happen so delight exploit something on the other side our standard connector so one thing is missing a second word itself So when it is necessary to ponderous pieces of good quality, there has to be a good quality I say this is of the super character because the global one has now certainly 10 gd yes this is how the good piece gazes relatively stylish i was only Say fraction of a switch the lipo artillery is charged to 50 60 percent so you have to plug it in before you drive for the first time for preventive action you can also hear music about it the board can now connect to the cell phone and played a cell phone music before funny that was the unboxing of the soul matching timber and us will now go to the socket will bill the board and in the second division the authorities concerned will then look at the mare we would like the first campaign try on now that comes as constituent 2, thank you very much for watching so that he does not measure the second and third part by the hurried If you missed you can subscribe for free up here and see you soon