for cheap competitions and Xbox Live codes please visit the link in the description to g2 8 calm hello Gaza Ketchikan welcome to new videos they know welcome to my review of my balance board also categorized as maybe an IO Hawk a hoverboard a mini Segway there’s lots of different mentions for it but I mostly get this through a couple of weeks ago from poise patrolmen da da da leave their link down below social media but I’ve been having a great merriment on this board so one precisely give you guys a cupboard critique video to kind of give you my overall knowledge and what I think are the pros and cons about this concoction so I hope you guys experienced the excerpt during the early stages of the video actually roughly fell out of so I actually put in the start merely to give you guys a laugh but as you can see in the background off this video I’m currently kind of re indicate you my unboxing to show you how the produce is boxed and undoubtedly indicate you what’s in sites was very very impressed for the carton to come with some liberate 30 polystyrene very particularly dense to keep it nice and protective during shipping and the board come with no marks whatsoever it’s just mostly covered in polystyrene so it made a little bit of cleaning but overall when the products arrived I was very very happy so let’s move on to the kind of review and pros and cons and I haven’t really organized this video to what’s being shown on the video as my mama boxing will finish in a second and then we’ll move on to me actually being on the board just so you guys can various kinds of discover some on the board action which you know everyone wants to see so first of all let’s start off with greenback quality this commodity is obviously very very heavy but in return it yields it some great improve aspect now the actual plastic casing on the outside does get scratched and shattered easily but the components and places inside are very very heavy and they’re basically screw down securely so this board as long as you make general care of it then you will have this previous a long time but if you was to drop this from a elevation then it was likely won’t survive but if you just general day-to-day usage a few bumps and blemishes on curbings and material this this board will last you a very long time a really handy thing for this board is the fact it accuses between two and three hours which is a really really short time comparison with clearly the straddle this board employs out so you will have a long time on the board before you do have to charge it looks–it between two to three hours or something this width battery is really really good board is really really reduce to turn on it’s just one silver-tongued button on the back right that will bring on the dark-green LED battery icon that you may have seen a little bit but previous in the video and that practice yo the next thing is most important this board is a really really fun to use extremely when you’re using it with friends if you all relatively had one and you went on jaunts out down the sea and flat roads you won’t get as much recreation now much else than you do this board so if you guys are kind of in that position with a little of fund spare these are just fantastic to have in order to recommend them to anyone but a little of save currency and there wasn’t have a lot of fun I think it’s how to operate the board now yes this looks really really simple with myself on it and it’s basically done on a heavines offset plan but the easiest way to me for me to explain it is it’s like skiing so if you want to go turn left you need to put pressure on the right hand side plate if you want to go right you need to put pressure on the left hand side plate so it’s for the various kinds of opposites that your body’s not really used to but that’s it’s kind of like skiing and that’s probably the easiest way to explain it so the next thing is battery life end range the actual battery lasted a awfully very long time with mine bear in mind the more hours you turn it on and off overseas expending more power is kind of losing its charge so cool and it’s basically advertised for a 15 to 22 kilometer straddle I suppose which mostly means that if you go a certain acceleration for 15 to 20 kilometres away plainly you’ll reaching that straddle but bear in mind certainly that has to be very very consistent so when you’re going along really fast and slowing down you’re using that more battery power to determine how fast you demand the voters to go so bear in mind you might not get the full reach out of it unless you are doing like a whole period conference where you don’t stop but overall I was still very impressed with the battery life and it did last a very long time I literally didn’t charge mine for a few weeks so moving on to speed this port travels and profess or rapidity perfectly well and thing is certainly they want to make it too fast because if you do have those slightest bear motion you can lose balance unusually quite easily and fall off so up to 12 kilometers an hour is perfectly fine for this board and plainly you can slow that down all the way to like station 5 the kilometer if you are interested in undoubtedly if you get your balanced report so I precisely want to cover off a few kind of bad or not good points card is very very heavy if you are a like a adolescent you might have a struggle it’s a corner pick this up with you peculiarly if you were a little kid so bear that in knowledge downgrades of a see if it get part of an lower the actual motors on this board will find it extremely very hard to get up gradients so make sure your any kind of flat to mid-range area they do scratch it unusually quite easily so bear that in sentiment don’t be baffled when you come back from your first trip and you’ve got scrapings all the way around the board and apparently expense it’s quite a lot of fund but if it’s something you think you’re experience and you got the spare money then laying around then I’ll hunt microchips and recommend this board so that’s going to conclude my discus trounce pros cons video of the mini segway hoverboard whatever you want to call it I’ll leave link to my unboxing and demo videos down below in the video description and likewise associates the Palance timbers website and social media I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did delight do leave a thumbs up and any questions you got about this concoction then leave a comment down below the video so guys I hope you enjoyed the video today if you did satisfy do leave a thumbs up and also you can subscribe to the channel for very regular content you can also follow me on social media or my linkages are down below in the video description and you can also change your Amazon bookmarks you facilitate me out and assist me a little bit more once again thanks for watching today’s video and I’ll catch you guys in my next one