hello what’s up chaps this is a ratio and today I’m going to unbox and re-examine the smart-alecky 10 -inch balancing pedals as you can see that by the box of it it’s not the smallest statements it’s a 10 -inch account actually this is a bigger version of numerous beings call it different different things they could somebody call it smart hoverboard somebody someone calls it Segway or mini segways and differen different em figures are totally different but in the end you get this awesome Chinese thing around the box as you can see that it’s pretty big lump and it’s also heavy as well as you can see this all box around it yeah there’s nothing need to look around in the box anyways so what we’re gonna do we’re gonna unbox it straight out the box it so let’s see what we’ve got inside the package itself here in the pack itself it’s got a user manual is and I’ll just gone through a little bit of it but it’s being honest with you it’s not really a great manual but you can read about super it’s simply acceptable and give you ordinary information and different things so that’s your manual lean it aside all right here’s your fast charger for the lithium artillery actually it’s a very fast charger and it’s always helpful to have it they say nice Osei order for you kids so it’s been with the UK plug flow a little for America or if they are from 800 youve countries you will get the suitable push let’s get it out delightful simply man and right there it’s got a little bit of clothing right here and it’s got a remote control with it okay as you can see this remote control it look just like a Bugatti coupe but grotty cable all remote control sort of thing but not really it’s got a lock unlock button on it and some sound button there’s no datum whatsoever present inside the user manual so being honest with you that’s what I said you know that the user manual is a crap so I’m gonna gave it outside at the moment so let’s open up this furthermore inside in the box throw them in we don’t need this is what we got the segue right here as you can see by the color of it I order peculiarly this one actually because I like the colour of it I don’t want it to do any funky thingy on it so I just liked it that way so that’s how I seek so I’m gonna open up and register applied it outside and hopefully you’ll be fully charged easily because I’m not check the power battery on it spectra can previous for long enough as well tell you week we blame if at least two hours you managed to get it quite a lot amount out of it and the maximum speed of this watch 16 kilo kilometers that’s pretty good nice rapidity if you’re walking and everything I’m think you know if you fall down on that rapidity that could harm you moderately impaired severely as well alright so without squandering our time let’s open up all right that’s how it looks like in the end yeah as you can see that by the look of it looks very awesome okay oh he’s got all these funky colors on it self-evident coals are there and everything it exactly was like a delightful cool boy sort of thing but I’m not local schools boy I’m a I’m a thirty years old oh man so thirty years old man and in terms of working of it it’s very simple and straightforward but before that we just need to go around here boy he’s got was not worried these all the tires “thats really not” selectable these are flatter ball tires so they are not permanent okay patently need the proper air pressure inside of them so air nozzles and everything’s right there let’s have a look at this one as you can see it’s quite clearly and I just wanted to make sure you know what we’re talking about here the strength button for that is in the bottom if you go you can see this power button right there you do have a speaker and drive when you power it up it will go do the beep-beep and all these things and right there you can see the charging push it’s in the suit accusing plug sorry people so right now we’re going to have to fee it what I does in fact I kept it that way so it’s easy and accessible and I kept my charging right there on it simple is that it is just like that so you can start your charger in there alright and you can twist it over so you can lock it as well very easy straightforward guys no beset whatsoever but when it’s blaming clearly the light-footed will turn on on here right there when it’s a ruby-red coloured primes is blaming once wants to go green that’s the fully accused so it makes not a lot a lot of time about two hours and it toils pretty good so simple as that this is this is only information you got on it so I’m gonna do it now I want to power it off in front of your first time so let’s see what happens there’s a little of extra intelligence I would like to give you away with that it was like clearly these are the pressure sensors where you’re gonna make it we’re going to stand on it because it will define you know define the position it will define that somebody’s on it all right and right in the figurehead of it right there and here on the both feature you see the lights on and so you see it’s give you the clear enough notification that what’s happening with it okay right there certainly it’s a lettuce button and likewise when it’s powered up and all these things so that’s this how it looks like if you can see that photo and backwards is exactly the same setup right let’s influence it up by pressing the button right there you say the green light is on that represents is fully accused all right and one more thing certainly when you go to the high speed it also beats you to warn you that I’m running on a high speed at this moment is fully charged but it’s not do it so what happened as when you put your foot down on it it will start it because that’s what he tells that you know hey you go start your gyros and everything I’m ready to rumble I have never tried going on it so I’m gonna try it in front of you first time let’s see how how did you find it all right all right I’m gonna go now and we’ll ride it obviously it’s on at the moment so gonna turn the influence off you are able to meet me it can take about 100 and 120 kilo so I’m sure my road it will be fine on it cubicle sofa so facilitate me turn the ability on Hey go straight up Oh hi not bad for the first time plainly when you Leon in the breast we’ll go forward you back you’ll go back so simple regulations that course it’s like precisely the mode you stand on it’s simple inside if you want to turn around we just do that road all right simple is that I’m gonna do I want to show you all these different different quirks on it and everything as you can see that is very very nice acute that’s why I’m doing myself it’s not doing by itself so I can spread so that will stand to the dock and I can feel the gyros working on my foot guys very nicely they’re working in performing well that want to go back open up with a follow it’s do what he’s supposed to do being honest with you guys I want to do now I’m going to seizure my selfie protrude and I want to film it straight on it like that on it and demo you how it’s working sure in what you decide is it nice to have it or not okay let’s do that one as well so if you want to take off simply do not hesitate that’s what I’ve seen watch if you hesitate it will flip it over okay so just simply come on it’s so simple as that people don’t need to do anything on it right on it the hoof down delight one potatoes go up there they can further start I can put up as well there you go straight forward well there’s the job but it says on the tin alright people let’s do this little selfie stick and see how it’s gonna look like in VC I can hoist it just like that but I think it’s roughly there’s about about 12 kilo I think so yeah I can’t leave we promote it for a long time that’s that’s the point alright guys so I forgot to mention one more thing on it as you can see that this is a battery light and also over here is gonna show you is live or not so if I applied a hoof on it what will happen you can see that now a foot on it heyyo as you can see this round on it that signifies it’s live and too the daybreak in the front will come on two people so that glowing is on that entails this side of gyro is active this place is not that’s when I leant my other foot down on it you can’t see that but you can see the light on it very so these both light-headeds are on so anyone would you like to it clearly the lighter start to flash on it so that’s that’s how it is very straightforward so hey yo I’m on it now let’s see how it goes looks pretty good and decent or I don’t want to see this feature I should don’t want to look at into the video because I might fall over so let’s turn around here I’m going to go this channel now it’s a little of unbalancing you know when it comes to running a bit faster it’s not that bad fairly the attitude right I was looking started recording as you can see that this is how it looks like so you make sure your feet are pretty straight on it and then you go fleeing forward this this should go fine as you can see that if my feets are not aligned properly it’s gonna go like he’s gonna do that thing so merely make sure your feet are straight forward and we are on it now so you’re owning it so that’s not bad at all guys being honest with you and it’s a damn fast so I’m gonna reveal you a sip like that I wanna go straight there you can see that how fast it’s going if I make any mistakes I’m gonna have a trouble so this is how I’m real time going that’s just very fast hey you guys see that I precisely almost got accident on it support leave that one alright so I’m gonna try it again one more time okay so it’s important I sleep I start again if you lean too much forward obviously it’s not good at all then last chaps we are back now and begun is to do I time had a quite a good extent of entertaining with it I know in video I simply showed you a couple of minutes but I had about approximately half an hour merriment of it and only what girls were on it as well so they all were enjoying so if somebody asked me do you want to buy this one for the Christmas present and when I enjoy other Christmas with it I would say yes being honest with you guys and this is from China as well it’s a extremely robust quality it’s not like it’s not it’s not like it’s gonna fall into the bits you know I’ve seen you write on it you know as you can see that you know it can hold up to 130 30 kilo on it but I am roughly 110 regardless it is therefore nurses me neatly so obviously if it’s for kids actually I was just writing it for merriment so it’s for kids so I’m sure I thoughts I would I would personally have highly recommend this sort of product you know if you’re looking for your baby will be loving you sure as shooting so for that okay then thank you very much for watching this and if you’ve got any questions about it do let me know how gladly answer any of your Q’s with it and I will be putting likewise putting the link from here I bought it actually it was far cheaper it came from China it made us about it took us it made it about 15 days it’s worth waiting for it being honest with you because a if you buy it from here selfie now it’s gonna cost you about quite a lot actually additional amount of money and if you buy the originals original root which is aiyyo aiyyo aiyyo hack or something like that there is about quite very expensive but this is no less than about it’s about 40% of their cost so this thing and it’s heavy and it’s very big as well as “youre seeing” the motors I’m just gonna travel register you full around it I had got a couple of jolts with it as well people a couple of marks are here because I simply missed it as a couple of marks right there couple of math right there as you can see that it is very particularly in exceedingly very fragile so in this sense you know what we were what would recommend you can you if you can have a some sort of a rubber rubber sort of thing right here which could help is a lot because naturally what happened is just tips-off over like this no I tip-off toe like that that’s that’s why chiesa marks otherwise there’s no need of creating a mark in the bottom you know don’t create any lines in the bottom side so obviously a rubber illustration right there would help him a great deal and eventually you can color change it any any shade you require it you know it’s your own option as well okay this is the one I liked it and being honest with you I like my select whatever or whatever is the reason behind it so I’ll drop this video right here and I’m sure you’re gonna like this one and if you like it do buy it you know it’s not necessary buy it from the link I is supplied by regardles you crave it but you’re gonna have a great entertaining sure as shooting okay the other night oh stop in now and see you in next video bye