Hey Hacksmith, do a kickflip! Hey guys, on this bout of Mak- On this episode of Make It Real we made afully electrical skateboard that can kickflip on mastery which conveys … All I have to do is press this button Man this play takes me back I used toplay Tony Hawk’s pro skater all the time back in grade school When I hear activision was coming out with Tony Hawk’s pro skater 1+2 remastered I roughly had a nostalgic heart attackand then when activision reached out to ask us if we could build a self kickflipping skateboard for the release of the game well my 10 time age-old self would not believe what i’m doing today Now I never could do a kickflip back in the day I was just wondering if I can do one now Go skater James! Alright if I want to kickflip anytimesoon I’m going to need this board to do two different things Number one: it needsto drive by itself Number two: it needs to be able to kickflip now stirring it drive by itself that’s the easy partyou can get DIY electrical skateboard packages online quite easilyyou need a fast controller artillery and then we’ve got this micro controller The challenging area here is we want to beable to control it with a playstation 4 controller which means we need tocommunicate with the board over bluetooth-Hey Ben, you think you can do that for me? – What …? Alright now the fun component I need to figure out how to make this thing kickflip Alright test number one let’s prove that we can do a kickflipby putting some amount of violence onto one of the bottom borders of the board so hopefully if I go like this triple kick turn firstly try all right that’s good let’s see what else we can try Oh it’s getting more power let’s try something a little more explosive oxyacetylene balloon excellent, refuge firstly guys Alright that’s not gonna work either the work requires some more serious firepower so this g-class rocket engine is thelargest rocket engine you can buy without needing a professional rocketrylicense I strapped two of these to my wrists is an attempt fly like Iron Man so I think it might begin this to flip I speculate for this one we should probably go outside because uh- yeah rocket engines It’s armed now which implies when I pressthis big red button that rocket and hopefully the skateboard is doing akickflip 3…2… 1… Fire! HOOOOLY- That’s a macrocosm record right there that was like uh- I don’t even know what you call numbersthat high-pitched Alright we’ve got the airbag now 3… 2… 1… I entail I guess that worked it threw but I don’t know how we’re gonna mount that to the bottom of a board I’ve got it! Springtimes! Alright Ben what do you have for me soI have the hub machines communicating with the electrical skateboard speedcontrollers and they’re being commanded by an arduino that’s beenpaired to this ps4 controller here present it a shot Maybe not that hard- Okay yeah Yeah! Alright I can work with this i’m gonna make this turn in a skateboard in the meantime I need you to make agiant mousetrap -What? Awesome Alrighty I got all the fractions now we just need to build an electricskateboard so the deck is actually a Birdhouse official Tony Hawk deck madefor the game which is pretty cool so let’s start making it[ DING] Huh that must be the 3d printer Alright we’ve got our electronicsenclosure straight off the 3d printer which means we’re ready to install it Now we can install the electronics so we’ll begins with the charging port For more information on how the selfkick-flipping circuit succeeds check out our page on maker.io[ Disclaimer Hacksmith industries digi-key and activision are not responsible youbuild your own self-care flipping skateboard get hurt working it the teamhere are professionals who often get hurt and trust me it sucks getting hurt] We didn’t actually have a switch that was high enough current rated for thebattery so we’re actually expending a battery connector as our main powerswitch and it plugs in right over here all right so we’ve got some lamps blue light-headed, off-color daylight, green light it’s gonna work Ha-ha! It’s done let’s try it out! Mad air! Alright that was awesome nowwe just need to make it flip I gotta go check on ben and see how mymousetrap idea is going Alright so ben mail me a design forhis metal mouse trap let’s take a look Alight well that looks like askateboard here’s the uh kicking throwing mechanism we’ve got tworeally big springs oh look at that, I think that’s actuallythe archery trigger secrete we applied from the spider-man web shooter project with JT which didn’t work so well Hopefully we have better prosperity this time when you attract these back it is desirable to do a kickflip but wait how doyou even do a kickflip well it’s a good thing I have TonyHawk’s pro skater 1+2 remastered publication let’s try it out! There are attaches in the specific characteristics below if you want to try it yourself Alright so to do a kick move in Tony Hawk’s pro skater all you have to do ishold down the hop button and then press the flip button as you’reholding left and bam kickflip 360 fling! So that’s exactly how we’re gonna build our skateboard kickflip as well but let’s get serious Alright let’s go body-build this thing So this is the largest torsion spring that you can buy off the rack and it’s notbig enough so we’re gonna move our own to do that we’re gonna implementation this springsteel which is incredibly difficult to bend so we’re gonna give this mandrel on the lathe and then power feed Alrighty time to assemble our steelmouse trap Alright it’s improved, let’s test it out Oh god this is terrifying I got it! Say goodbye C4 can We’re doing it! Wasn’t that bad this one might sendshards of plastic at parties And that children is why you don’t make ametal mouse trap Alright we’ve got the kick turning mouse trapmechanism done which means we just have to install it plug her in…Alright that’s the lastscrew which necessitates, research it out This thing is scaring! Alright let’s see if it kickflips That was freaking sweetened! It wields perfectly Now we just need to put some clutch tapeon here and be prepared for the large-hearted evaluation Alright today is the day I learn howto kickflip using a soul kickflipping skateboard It should be as simple as jump-start in the air pressing the button and then landing onthe board again OOOOHHHHHH! WHAT ?! My first kickflip at senility 30! My first knock move at senility 30! Two for two Hang on, I’m getting a call Dude it’s Tony Hawk! Hey James it’s TonyHawk I simply want to congratulate you on your very first kickflip at age3 0 I know that you didn’t undoubtedly do it yourselfbut you kind of did because you designed a board that would do it for you soI am excited Um- I never saw I’d see the working day that aboard would be self kick flipping so congrats on that umit actually various kinds of clangs spooky but you did it, I verified it, congrats! Thanks Tony! That was Tony Hawk! So we test it in the shop let’s see how it does in real life Alright let’s try a doubled kickflip Yeah !!! Hey Hacksmith, do a kickflip! Alright this is an awesome erect hugethank you to Tony Hawk’s pro skater 1+2 remastered volume forsponsoring this video check it out in the links in thedescription below Let’s see if I can kick snap right here