so here’s my daughter trying to trying to go on this for the first time so you’re gonna try to get on it and get your balance that’s all I know you’re amateur so you would be just going to put your foot on there your meat on I’m going to rear it doesn’t not move in which I need a foot in the centre for human rights I feel for the would be expected to that as possible okay and you get wise and formerly your mother watches you don’t move in then you applied the other foot on and you get it understand it I symbolize truly before you depict your toes forward when your is back once you can do that that’s really we have a great we check another thing on the turn left it’s like it has a center yeah so put your foot on on on that okay claim so no no you examine I’ll try to give you a foot to frequency we’ll move to the effort bring your foot back bring your food until you until it congregated moving right you verify right now that’s do okay so you have it is you know you want to go up on data drive quick okay so you are bound that’s it no illustrate for correct your nutrient straight-out threw that paw straight-out situated it straight-out like that one okay now balance yourself no disbalance yourself run on yourself no forgery forward figure and should be followed slowly person go forward you got it I belief forward don’t hit on the very serious but as I said off so that model eight you’re going to hear match now so meditate forward ping forward okay stop no back back back think back think back think back come on so he has bit it to be going it has been in your nutrient this it watch a little but not too fast so right now is a baby trying to get your balance right okay see you got it you been are you doing that yeah been yoga’s holiness been in the business is it dessert alright you got it this is your first time right and you examine the large-scale thing when you two are get it is to get your balance and formerly you get your balance and then “youre starting” you sure do go back and forth like I’m surfing so we’re going backward oh are you six all right I cherish the likelihood I’m an expert right around the corner okay go forward to get out get the center and put one under flood one paw right that’s it that’s it it goes off can you carat is heavy whole wallet is entered here it 23 pounds oh it’s heavy right know what’s happening on this I don’t care it was like the other so first hoof and you get your balance until it don’t move in and then you get on nice okay fix your affix your foot straight-from-the-shoulder right we have to J take a paw off matriarch this fing downwards that’s what really sold fat hey you’re my video so stop my father Oregon stuff will be promoted recess and Italy to this side right there yeah that’s ready get over by yourself you know you’ll believe in you too bright is so you told you I time not to affect you in the front room and come back oh it’s impressive