what’s up guys is gaming you care and welcome to another video on one of these certain things I am working on my swagger right here regrettably this one I’m on right of my feet if you can see it it might blow up any second and I might die basically so I got a payed on it I’ve still got it and this thing’s turned up at my home as you can see is absolutely gargantuan comparison with my Mac over that which I’m about to film on but uh then what you guys think it might be I might think it might be a 10 -inch pedaled swegway so we are going to get into this we are going to open it and yeah let’s just go into this I’ll see you on the other side alright chaps so we’re here we have got this huge box right here extremely very thing hey my honour is Joanna might get me some of my dad’s post in there yes my idol bit wrong but Merry Christmas everyone if you haven’t seen I’m representing my Christmas jumper today yeah let’s come strange this if you realise my August swegway video and if you haven’t by the way go and check out the different types of swegway this one connects to what I had before a good deal bigger sort of got a lot more attachments start a lot quick but I didn’t want took a few months this Sunday is now Friday that’s quite because this is a huge box well I’ll be tested and you guys can see we have got an actually ordinary charger thank God one before wasn’t fused over any of you guys so on watchdog run affair but they were all and dodgy there blanke was made doubled perform boys appreciate a fuse charger nice to know though okay people I’m currently recording there this is what it looks like at the top for you guys live a different form pillar had it before so cool or trash that you can join it but I’m yeah we are going to get this unboxed and dumbbells up alright so from here it’s got same ports on the back there’s the other one so you just got the Bluetooth note is speaking to me okay so I’m not sure what’s going on to be honest and it’s got influence in it which is cool it’s just yeah excuse if “youre watching” my other one you see this is a lot smaller these are also a lot different yeah I’ll demonstrate you some nonsense up me on it but for now this is the unboxing finished and I’ll see you in a minute so yeah people this is it at the moment I’ll probably do some filming in a separate video on this video of me having a governess they’ll obviously be some