this is so awesome the maneuverability just right off the at-bat is not that hard it was good guys welcome back to techsmartt and I have one thing to ask and I require you guys to answer this in the comments is what I’m about to show you the future because I think it is the closest thing we have come yet let me give you guys some backstories so inside this white box is a product you have never seen before something that I’ve candidly never seen before we’re about to find out together this is made by Segway and said well you guys know they had the large-hearted aged rideable thing with the handlebars then we are really acquired this busines announced nain bot and that was the thing I presented you guys like a few years ago it’s up in the iCard if you missed it that was like the best hoverboard more it didn’t catch on fire and had this disallow so you could kind of pivot make sharper turns now today they have perfectly killed both ideas and made something that solves both difficulties we’re about to see it this is the future and I am so shot to try this out precisely you can feel the hullabaloo is so real inside this check box or what I’m gonna call the next-level rocket shoes these literally feel like rocket shoes and I haven’t either rid them hitherto I’m just nursing it I do not even know what to expect and then of course there’s a charger to charge these things up the government has two purposes for one charge port that symbolizes both projectile shoes can accuse at the same time that is a really nice inclusion thank you so much Segway that’s not always the case so you guys are looking at this just like me for the first time and you’re probably like am I just going to eat pavement I wasn’t saying sidewalk you know what I wanted to say but are you just gonna fail and this is just gonna be an emergency tour a little faster as it can possibly be what’s up guys boyacky here and no and here’s why on the bottom you guys can see there are these two large nearly one rotation sort things you might have learnt the one pedal it’s be rideable I affection it to death these are basically two one wheels and one on each foot so you’re getting I’m not saying improve stability but the best you could possibly get in something that also has leashes you can carry this around it makes a whole lot of ability compared to some of the others out there I might as well simply ability these on so there’s a capability button on the side right here turns on and you get a light on each they’re self-balancing virtually shoes but as you can tell the differences with a hoverboard there’s no guardrails there’s nothing to put your foot up against so it’s really coming down to this rubber and depending on how thick and rigid it is out in the real world what in test it that’s gonna be make-or-break so these should be the coolest thing you’ve ever check out if you go to the roller derby or the roller rink I know it’s not the 1980 s but you’d be the most wonderful thing in township so the only love to do is let’s test out riding these things and construe what some other beings think let’s go to Venice Beach we constituted it to Venice Beach and we’re about to try out the drift W ones for the first time and I had this gonna crazy idea if it is twenty five thousand likes I’m gonna reach out to Segway the whole team is and let’s try to do a massive giveaway of these hey you never know it’s possible to descent a like 25 k maybe things will happen and I’m just gonna remain announcing them the wanders for the rest of this video we got the first float set up second ones all set up step on this and view what it’s like this is so awesome the maneuverability just right off the at-bat is not that hard initial marks on these is the only thing you have to watch out for is when your knees go like that then you have to really recenter it five minutes I would say undoubtedly did not expect that first time going up a mountain I can do it a little help very little so you might be asking is there a dedicated left in a right shoe no you really superpower them on put them on your feet and it doesn’t really matter one thing I will say after razzing these for about thirty minutes is going over humps is the scariest thing ever there’s no suspension it was one thing neat about the hoverboard so I would say it’s a little harder to learn this then a regular hoverboard but like you insured some chap just drive it for five minutes more beings are trying it they get it much more quickly than they think they will and I think that’s just where the confidence comes into play Josh dude these are so much fun and I don’t know if you guys can tell but I really like the W ones I think they’re cool deftly something to check out if you guys are new make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss anything coming up the special you can pull off this giveaway check out bless you videos right over here and I’ll see you guys next time please