all right people first jaunt apart since we moved in no funny business go ahead and meet yourself fairly what you’re soon do with your life and take it with the world ripening every day more and more people colonize the earth with that comes energy energy comes in all kinds of forms but sometimes it can come in the simplest of species segways at 24 miles per commission a penny a mile and can go up to 12 and a half miles per hour is a great alternative for getting around this chap knows all about it sean jenkins and their own families own and operate segway of cincinnati downtown on central common and vine and when querying about cincinnati he’s the guy to talk to my name’s sean garfield jenkins same as my huge grandpa middle word i was born in ohio in bellbrook the wright brethren sounds top myth patent record things like that growing up i was into science projects a little bit of math was studying some of that substance a little more advanced falling behind some of the other stuff the board liked to skate ice skating and biking was big we worked at the frost stadium and at the swimming pool and ran at the seed brew stand and things like that starting real young i went to college for a while seven years of college as a six year program then i switched to what was a five-year program so i didn’t finish either one could probably go back and finish one or the other in one or two years but what clas to study architecture and then switch to fine arts with the emphasis and sculpture but was lucky enough to be able to take any class at dap the director was a little friendly with me so got a nice open education a lot of urban planning a lot of artwork record my interest these days include everything from the past you know six or ten years that we’ve been driving both professionally at work and as a pastime ever looking for that next new attack activity coming out there’s a lot of old tech that got left by the wayside there’s brand-new tech that isn’t getting exposure it needs to i’m pushing segway as a product to become more and more into bicycles still propagandizing electrical bicycles cincinnati is going through some deepens with bicycles to try and take advantage of that um i got into segways i’ve been following it like everybody else it was it it was ginger it was the brand-new great thing what’s this gonna be it’s gonna solve all our problems some people say concoctions have their own culture it’s almost a misstatement when it comes to this but it would really can affect culture i think it’s almost so profound that it takes a long time to see the real effect of it it’s not going to be proven overnight our children is more likely to be way used to them at times not now parties still aren’t used to them followed it kind of interpreted it fall on its face but still was interested in it met the brand-new copy came out and ensure they got it sleeker and slicker and sexier even and easier to use and thought that this is the time to get into it and got into it and learned all those instructions that i just talked about we went to look at it and continue to be excited about it your brain starts to swell and and all these opinions going so i wanted to do a safarus i thought to be a good business that’s um you are familiar with lettuce seek manufacture you feel good about what you’re doing you are familiar with from money meeting opportunity and it’s been various kinds of a wildfire for us i started out real small only doing some sales he was letting me test the waters another merchant in ohio and then came begins with some tours got some notes became a dealer through the expedition it’s just been kind of gangbusters for us which when i guess when i talk like it seems like i’m poo pooing it when i talk about those ” lessons or whatever because if we weren’t being successful and overtaking that message successfully then we wouldn’t be developing business going on in cincinnati that certainly give you a sense of change including parking difficulties you can’t park that’s a symptom of success a lot of bikes around that’s good the city’s looking to put in parking specifically for scooters motorcycles and bikes lots of walking traffic um obviously the neighbours we neighborhood we’ve moved into gateway quarter and over the control well the first place in that opening a pair storages around us have turned but most everything’s full now lots of traffic i used to not be hectic on weekends i’m really busy on weekends now at the showroom with the bistro down the street doing brunch and got a couple of the shops having given hours and the city flea market and the second sunday’s on central and final fridays downtown seems like everything they’re doing seems to be working right now parties are responding you’re seeing 10 to 12 increase in downtown inhabitants i think monthly someone told me i’m not it’s either annually or monthly which either way is stellar lots of eateries good eateries i like that kind of stuff bird-dogs bird-dog common downtown now so as you verify the i hope kroger get their act together kroger and fix this their first store up the street um installation down the street that’s kind of a infamy but as you put in those types of things things that inhabitants need there’s a dry cleaner down there now there’s a pet accumulate down there now pizzerias those types of things and beings are more apt to move i know the resident uh the condos are are similar i mean they’re selling out well you’re seeing pedigrees with young ones move downtown which we would if we could find a garden for the right price it’s a little tough to do as they attain down there premiums go up that’s a good thing and you’re seeing empty nesters move down there and a good deal of young professionals for young professionals there’s lots of things to do if you’re single cincinnati’s fun if you’re a young pedigree there’s their own families the museum center and a lot of green commons a lot you know you can get around when the streetcar get done there’s the bus arrangement um there’s things to do every everywhere you know you say parties complain there’s nothing to do in this town and you say well they don’t go out you cannot anymore say there’s nothing to do in this town they get ranked multitude three and big brochures there’s homes to visit this summer get out there and do material beings are looking to get rid of vehicles make their lives simpler smaller seats less stuff it’s a good way to be i think uh recent on the streetcar um i’m not as involved as i as i was focusing on our business but phase one’s going in i went to the ground violating it was excellent they turned the stones not sure how much they’ve done since then i know they’re after duked to put up numerous millions more dollars to move major utilities that are in the way of the line once it’s ended phase one it’ll roll by our supermarket phase two will get it to clifford so phase one is connecting the banks to downtown to liberty street finley marketplace so that’s a big move to get the inner grid connected phase two would really connect up to downtown you know any i don’t really i’ve never genuinely heard anyone refer here to up up in downtown if you leant the streetcar in even though it is roughly become natural to call it up in downtown with clifton meridians you’ll be able to take a segway or a bike on the streetcar um it’d be great to be able to extend your radius if you will ideal if you’re in this urban place we’ve been chatting so much better about segways can be ideal for those kind of places or business storehouse environments or your farm anyone that’s going to use it it’s going to pay for itself seventy percent of the car jaunts we take in america are three miles or less seventy percent of those expeditions are one mile or less so if you can pick any other alternative than one person in a automobile then you’re bringing down the price of gas and you’re bringing down air pollution by yourself as private individuals in real season having real impressions as the haze increases so does uh the difficulty to breathe we’re on the route last light for the first time ever the overhead signed says baked preconditions do not throw lit cigarettes out the window never seen that before ever in my 35 times um but i think the future is bright people were taking you know initiative to change those kinds of things even though they may not conceive segway has a green product they can harness it and use it to those ends americans are insensitive though we take a little longer to catch on electrical bikes someone told me electric bicycles are like um i’ve electro bikes in china are like cell phones now that 60 or 70 percent of all the bikes so your china or india are electric talking millions there’s not i convey here it’s it’s still considered new technology it’s kind of old technology coming back with new materials and manufacturing handles that we have now that can help creating the cost of that down according it with new battery engineering so it’s about artilleries we’ll see how what the future batteries accommodates but here i am thinking parties are starting to wake up to options that’s good my future’s color we’re smothered with good personnel good people enormous product nice metropolitan so christy’s behind you she’s my partner in the majority things i got two young boys kayden will be four there he comes in august and kemper really turned two in june um kaye’s like their momma and then we got shadow our puppy chloe our cat now with us business that we volunteer at segway of cincinnati now include bike repair at what we call the garage which is our maintenance wing so we just expanded a little bit utters us that showroom feel back in our main wing which is the segway of cincinnati electro bike sales and rentals electrical skateboard longboard marketings segue dealer countenanced merchant and authorized tour location we do do rentals originate you take a tour first for safety and etiquette we likewise render rentals at outpouring grove cemetery it’s riverfront downtown eden park expeditions custom expeditions we do rentals um doing marketings for mobility had a young man in today with spina bifida so i get the opportunity to work with a lot of apoplexy survivors amputees ms cases things like that where they’re looking to do some mobility back in “peoples lives” so segway is a good fit for that and we do parties and icebreakers and things like that we tend to be the life of the party when we show up we toy segway polo when we can um we’ve been a little busy it’s a little hard on the mares and some of the players sometimes “were trying to” do more of it i’d love to have a corporate patron montgomery and you listen um things like that uh but i’d like to play eventual frisbee on segway it might be kind of fun because anything i want to say uh thanks for hanging in it’s been a long ride everyone’s facilitated out a lot um couldn’t have done it without everybody titters and good times and more to come i remember we’re gonna show up at your house the first time we had them we’re gonna applied ghosts expanses over ourselves and constitute us look like haunts but i was worried about getting shot i have no idea what’s drift towards you yeah um so thank you for having the hard work and good times and the reinforcement nope you