this is the s pod from Segway it’s a new kind of parties mover that looks like a cross between a recliner and egg and a scooter I’ll be using in close campuses like plazas like airports like theme parks can you tell me about the inspiration for this it’s wrong you know Jurassic world but it also examines an horrendous mint like this and then that little knob is like coming you can control the directions and you know the raced you can break you can go backward the pod goes up to 24 miles per hour and feel spun and even a little dangerous to drive the good news is that it’s self-balancing bad news is that it doesn’t have a seat belt hitherto it’s just a prototype we determine a need of parties they want to transport like with more solace and also we understand people there maybe they have like physical challenges but we’ll all have to get the hang of driving it first I’m gonna go around one more time and I predict this time I probably will hurtle