hello it’s nice to be home again I’m Townes Van Zandt and I used to be the house entertainer at the 11 th doorway which is now symphony square ever since I left which is that nice and I’m gonna represent a few cases songs now and it surely is nice to be home I’ve been different places you know this is a summer-like start off with some time called what’s a colouring announced that I came here it’s called I ever had misfortunes with claims still looking for you it’s gone although I want to play this 4k wherever she may be a much they tried fast living sluggish suicide lots of living in a situate to hide just looking for you real your best friend they all agree planned countless a dupe like me I just tell em wait and see go looking for you we’re looking ahead searching far and glancing wide but I tell myself I circulate it precisely ain’t true still looking for in the shadow of the darkest pine is your sweet sunshine I’ll keep looking till I meet your brain so looking forward to you and the screen toss down I’ll be somewhere hanging around my feeling laid on the dirt looking at old-fashioned inspecting red-hot seeming far gaping wide try to tell myself I’m fine but it really altered exactly won’t do still now when you’re sitting there you learn opals Georgia looking for some rich kinfolks that you are familiar with I hope you don’t see my ragged company I know I could never be alone take me down little Suzy taking me down I know you think you’re the queen of the underground send me dead grows to my wedding send me dead grows by the mail send me dead heydays to my nuptial I forget to introduced the rises on your dream now when you’re sitting back your old pink Cadillac constituting gamblings on Kentucky Derby periods I’ll be in my cellar chamber with a needle in a spoon another girl to take my hurting away take me down little Susie taking me down I know you think you’re the queen of the underground send me dead flowers every morning send me dead flowers what a mail send me dead buds to my bridal I won’t forgotten to articulated climbs on your braidings ogling a low-toned and glancing high-pitched inspecting far and seeming white various kinds of killed myself I tried but it time ain’t true what just won’t you still looking for you still looking for you yeah that’s uh I wrote the dead heydays parts and I consider Keith Richards and Mick Jagger wrote the still looking forward to your portion but thank God kind of disremember I’m gonna try to uh such a pleasure to be here valerian the boys and soon Hans tessick gonna show up and what a discus he’s a little friend and uh one of very good blue-bloodeds participates ever that’s for certain I’m gonna try to make up a off-colors now well the quickest venture panting I’ve been concealing now and I don’t trust him crickets soul gonna note me out you ever see a cricket don’t merely stand right up and shout then frogs can hear you man and frogs can hear you too oh boy it’s they wasn’t about forbids older and younger as you I then got to the point man I don’t know what good it do I’m sick of them swine I’m gonna acquire me a Chevrolet I give me a sauna contaminate husband I meditate I could easy than a era name Ilyas get a bunch of alka-seltzers on the way summertime here by the same is summertime everywhere else my lady’s gone this you know what buddy is that’s what she says I tend to go back I want to find that man or else I’d kiss brides crickets man when a given in chocolate had me a feast I started that thing back there little hairs but a satyr firstly I’ll leave their feet I don’t know why I gotta get quicker though yes about actor Crick’s better far removed from me follower I represent I’m sick and tired of crickets armadillos – don’t accurately fit menu I like poached eggs baby you know how to cook him like I want to get if you don’t I’m gone well what you mean we got no eggs around the house sitting there calling me lowdown dirty insect here’s a stool babe I’m gonna go find your mouse I’m gonna look up your hem when he comes around crickets driving me crazy man I only don’t know what to do I got a BB gun but don’t to true I’ll give away my Rottweiler mr.crooked I’ll define him on you thank you very much that’s a kind of a strange song no wonder here’s a real pretty chant this is I have three statu rails out low contrive these are all brand-new chants I have a new record by the way that it’s coming out helia September were recorded in Ireland with Philip darling and a assortment of beautiful Irish musicians and came about in a dream this dream awake me up I was living in to rock and roll hotel and now Nashville and.