I lost about a kind of lies I lost about $1,200 when we left and I call my wife from not Indian friend of mine Jimmy slogans onetime Kentucky and said deem it back from Paducah to Murray out singing what Lac and I took my wife and been put forward with the idea that franknes is the best policy you know Anna so next morning when me and Roy woke up we’re headed back to Tennessee I called a ex-wife and I she said well how’d you do and I said well I didn’t do to get well that’s too bad she knew who had been in everything it’s kind of like they have the Book of the Month Club and all that we have the roulette of the Month Club and I didn’t do very good enough when she called when I called her gobos his action home she was real joyful but how’d you do was that together Wow I recall I lied a little kid you know fit not alive there’s slight difference between a fifth and a line so well I contemplate I lost about 800 horses so oh that’s too bad jephta and then you are familiar with I guess we had fun but I signify I’m sick to my tummy for being so stupid to lose all that dinero to them what male subject Oh Merv so well first thing I want to do is start restrain that boozing and gambling excuse me and she said well I really bought stock in that riverboat no shaft so again I liked comprising the phone like you know excuse me and then she said I got you a new truck I’m saying darling I just lost stuff I know nan Arthur horses then is that bullet you know these academies ago this that any other solvent money we had easy fellowships ago she once had all the rest of it so I mulled for a minute and said tell let me ask you something did you buy that brand-new truck for me to leave home in it says course so I’m on the road again dad I doubt it our row to you but here’s that some love of Oz up there I have three a bit barrooms on this new record up that you’ll be up like I said minute ago in September and it’s a beautiful boredom Irish people play games and not Phillip Donnelly is as intense a producer as I’ve ever worked with there’s a real joy a real joy it nearly beat the time I overtook the Barcelona police through a Cathedral and they couldn’t chase me through the Cathedral they had to split up I acquired it safe and sound I didn’t even do now was I was innocent matter of fact this is a matter of I have one that well about that for a flourish woman and one that I wrote for money and now one that I wrote for introduced a little girls sleep my daughter Katie Bell and this is called no deeper blue-blooded you there’s no deeper blue the ocean the last is de pez a off-color you tittering sees no sweeter beach your soothing feature no nature was ever so pure so dream somewhat dreams such beautiful things cause all the skies surround you swim with the Swans and believe that upon some glorious hound rank meet you come some daylight I’m boycotted awake jazz and wings on the water come with me you must stake and remain my beautiful daughter there’s no deeper blue Yoshi analyze is divisible and you “re kidding no sweeter Sam and your amiable sigh good light kitty legislation good darknes thanks was fun to play[ Music] and for one now about this is about a friend of mine who this is not morbid or anything not morbid friend Emmanuelle killed himself he had a wife and mistress and went real confounded and phoned his mistress but his wife’s dial got her answering machine and said this Coco racket of sound leave message beep he said Coco this sound of a broken heart it’s not that he’s here somewhere I have about ten of his covers you are familiar with I mean you know she’s doing fine and now she’s married to me and lightens old-fashioned bass player so if everything’s okay she’s Boehner extremely I’m still mad at both honours both wit this called the BW railroad off-colors I’ll sit back[ Music] exclusively my troubling railroad track let me go sorry let me up alteration that real fast merely live difficulty on a railroad track I’m gonna ride ain’t looking back[ Music] I used to the clickety-clack I tried to stop at a canine back[ Music] we go motors in a slogan step[ Music] newborn I’m censored a flatten wait I better exit[ Music] I love you honey heart and soul I affirm you’re the sweetest thing I know[ Music] love time her I told you so told you to come time to go begone with in your method Oh IVA simply can’t remain[ Music] it’s bambietta space[ Music] there are lots of things I’d like to see Linna mountains to the shine and discover[ Music] the sky where high winds blows free the city’s down below I just don’t know hey I only don’t[ Music] my hardship on a real rule trip I’m down to ride ain’t looking back it used to – clickety-clack the large-hearted ol motors in a smoking stack[ Music] Hey I’m going to go hey I exactly you[ Music][ Music] why Willie boy what you’re gonna do when high winds blows cold and the moon turns off-color gonna improve me a fervor gonna dance and sing a little bit of winter don’t mean a thing a little bit of winter don’t mean nothing hey Willie when the fowls arrive the flowers bloom while the class float back tell my puppies and my Turtles and things all God’s children need a little spring all God’s children need a little spring hey Willie boy where are you going to go when the wind comes sticky and grass blows slow down to the river gonna leap right in all summer came and Dino was seeing a little bit of time cane be no sin hey Willie are you gonna feed the needles turn gold beneath your heels I’m gonna invent and revolve you’re never gonna come coming only won’t do it all all and just won’t do it all hey Willie boy I was going to see hey Willie boy where you gonna depart hey what if or what you’re gonna do it’s time to go to sleep right now time to go to sleep right now that’s for my son well you know it’s been a real pleasure and thanks it’s nice to be back home and I’ll see you guys soon again thanks all right everybody that’s Townes Van Zandt thank you buddy and he’s got two albums you ought to check out the road anthems album and the buttock panorama reflect and of course that brand-new album originated in Ireland which will be out in September talent and Sam thank you very much Hunt’s Tasek will be up next but let’s play Johnny in the savage by specters and get him set up and again thanks to cities