Ok .. It’s “Mini Segway” and we’re going around Milan It’s really incredible the .. .. ability to keep artery limit even though you’re on a “jalopy”, in fact Now we’re going on a bycicle direction that will bring us straight to Garibaldi’s area, which is the brand-new region of Milan I gambled a fatal accident but it was my fault foolishness, me going toward trenches and I don’t see the road! How do you brake? Can you even be participating in? It’s expensive? Are you recording? No no , now no .. Cool! Cool, uh? We like a good deal! Hi, have a nice day! Have a good path! Hi, you too I was stopped by two .. .. young woman truly interested! It’s really amazing wander by Milan on saturday morning because there’s nobody However, I noticing that even little setbacks Segway Minipro stand up very well Cruise accelerate is around 16 -1 8 km/ h This is Milan’s “Diamantone” I was always affected as sample of modern design Now we’re going to Gae Aulenti’s square If we can .. There are currently times like this where your Segway Can’t go on! And so what? We turn and we go beyoOOOOND! Now we’re going to make another walk I don’t know where But where the wind will precede us! Ahhh! Help..Laughing and joking, I’m lost “Wheres” we at? This is the speed we can get After that.. Once reaching 18 Km/ h .. Once at 18 Km/ h, I examine a beep which planned “Be careful” You’re falling off Or you have to decelerate because you can be a danger for other people Well .. You can get totally addicted by the Segway Like this