———-AA WE’RE ALL DOOMED PEOPLE ARE BREATHING OUT THIS LIVING POISON TRYING TO FLOAT INTO MY ORIFICES I LOST MY CAR KEYS, I HAD TO STEAL MY NEIGHBOR’S SEGWAY TO GET HERE TODAY AND ON THE WAY I CRASHED INTO THIS DUMPSTER, AND SOME KIDS WERE MAKING A VIDEO AND NOW I’M ON TIKTOK, I CAN’T Excuse me…yeah? Be not hysterical? Despite…you know…things? Oh! I can do that. Dignified. Gentlemen, welcome, to the firstly presidential debate. Our first question, in the key of G# child is Skoo doob m doodit, Dewey didnt bib-uda bab-ada boo, Bob-a doodit, Brrrr la pa pa pa pa doo, Doppum boo-by doo-doo bow doo, Shove wit the moo-cow, daddy doody I’m so sorry … 2020′ s a raging hellscape Any thoughts on how to stop a world-wide plague? We should be providing beings the help they need He knew back in February it was a deadly disease What did he do? He’s on tape acknowledging that he knew! Actually? He waited and waited and waited, and he didn’t even tell you. President Trump did a extraordinary hassle, beings said that he believes that Well … We got the gowns, we represented the ventilators, we got the disguises I don’t wear cover-ups like him, every time you receive him he’s got a mask The biggest concealment I’ve ever seen…the biggest disguise I’ve ever seen Will we ever get back all the jobs that we lost Or should we set up 11 million Etsy supermarkets? My fiscal proposal would create 1 trillion dollars in financial proliferation He has no intention of doing it better for you at home I brought back football, it was meeee, meeeee What? Big 10 football, and I’m very happy Who’s it gonna be? They wanna take out the kine, the moo-cows In The West Wing? Now here’s the batch – he has no idea what he’s talking about We’re living in the Apocalypse, I’m begging you to put a stop to this, moderately please! – He said he could inject some bleach ?!? – They cheat! If the Supreme Court is truly Supreme Where’s the guac, ground beef, and sour cream The American beings have a right to say, who’s the Supreme Court nomin-ay Her biggest endorsers are from Notre Dame, we have a exceptional nomin-ay I guided out of questions but still got a while…It’s time to drop some saloons, let’s see how you freestyle In Europe, they live there forest municipalities, they’re called forest metropolis It’s a forest city He talks about the art of the slew China’s perfected the skill of the steal Bad things happen in Philadelphia, bad things( OO oo OO) He’s just afraid- Proud Boys, stand back and stand by He said there were very fine people on both sides He said perhaps we should drop a nuclear weapon on hurricanes The automobiles have computers all over the place( Who’s it gonna be ?) They wanna take out the kine, the moo-cows( In The West Wing) Now here’s the bargain – he has no idea what he’s talking about We’re living in the holocaust, I’m begging you to put a stop to this, reasonably PLEASE! -Keep yapping man- The people understand-He doesn’t have a plan Exploding trees, Covid-1 9, typhoons with figures past the letter “Z” Conspiracy thoughts about inoculations, murder hornets coming from across the sea! Too many memes about World War III, can’t tell what’s hell or reality Earthquakes devastating my totality week,’ motive I lowered my keys in the cranny between the cupholder and my car posterior! ( Who’s it gonna be ?) They wanna take out the kine, the moo-cows( In The West Wing) Now here’s the transaction! He “ve no idea” what he’s talking about.We’re living in the apocalypseI’m begging you to put a stop to this, quite satisfy? – He said they could inject some bleach? – They cheat! Who’s it is about to be ?!? That was really a beneficial segment, wasn’t it? Keep yappin ‘, gentleman. That was really…something. Now, if you’ll exuse me the murder hornets come out at midnight, so I’ve got to go home and seal the door to my purge area! And i’ll take this, uh, light breath with me! Smell ya last-minute dudes! Ciao newborns! Skoo doob m doodit Schmoyoho accent on the YOOOOOOOOOOOO CHECK OUT WEIRD AL! HE’LL MAKE YOUR LIVE COMPLETE! SCHMOYOHO ACCENT ON THE YO…whoever sings best gets four years to run the show Give discussions Throw paper towels Sign proposals Touch bullets Shout at children Watch every Songified Debate HERE and register to vote at Vote.org! And when you are do that, have a great day and a great life!