What Is A Podlet?

A podlet is a compact electronic media file that can be embedded into a single or additional podcasts for playback on personalized computers or protable media players.

The Podlet Vision

Closely connected to the concept of posting swapping, podlets are a way for an if not one burst of inspiration to be known on the world large world wide web

Most likely you wake up in the center of the evening and have a “WOW” experience. You have a good inspiration to develop a little something, you perform at it, you force for it, and then it has handed. When your creative imagination has expelled alone how do you get it seen, how do you clearly show it to many others?

If you begin your have website, this inspiration could be a single of the only entries your publish. Potentially it will get discovered by anyone, and referenced by some others, and it will be common, but how does it get recognized in the initially position?
Podlets are a way to put your inspirational notion, joke, funny quotations, or just simple opinions into a condensed structure. You can think of it nearly like short article syndication, only with a multimedia (audio/video) twist. You you should not have to occur up with an incredible thought each day. You just have to have one or two ideas whenever they come to you. You post your initial inventive idea to a centralized location. Podcasters pick up this information, and mould it for their podcast, and viola !

What podlets are not

Podlets are not meant to express promoting/marketing messages. Although it is recommended that some form of truthful attribution be offered to the podlet writer. Podlets ought to not be puzzled with marketing. A podlet ought to greatly enhance the experience of the podcast listener. It gives an oppertunity for banter, feed-back, and interactivity.

Podlet examples

* A trivia query, posed to a podcaster, with pauses for the podcaster to react and guess the remedy and then a reaction, “were you suitable?”

* A joke or limmerick inserted between plays of two music in just a podcast

* A short tale, maybe utilized as a segway in between sections of the podcast

* A pre-recorded review of a movie or reserve as component of a “evaluation” portion of an current podcast

Podlets are not constrained to only audio media, and may possibly be utilized to distribute little videos as well to a large range of podcasters.

Incorporating spice to your podcasts?

Just like the appropriate spice can make your food far more delicious, a podlet can assist spice up your current podcast. To get begun, only grab this OPML file which consists of a record of podlets to which you can subscribe

Want to add your own podlets?

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