what’s up everyone this is tech break have you ever stopped and thought to yourself what’s inside a hoverboard a monorover or mini Segway well in this video we’re gonna take a look at the hoverboard and we take it apart and see what’s inside of it so let’s get started right here at the 10 inch pattern of the mini Segway/ hoverboard and now this is the Zack same thing as a regular pose that you envision has all the same ingredients inside if you’re a little curious to see what’s the distinctions between the 10 inch representation with this model right here compared to the normal sized one I have a video on that as well so the hoverboard has a whole bunch of different shafts so you have to use a Philips head to get them all out it’s really simple to take all the jailers out and we only took about another minute or two for the two sides so regrettably sometimes the hoverboards do come with divested screws another hoverboard I have it has two stripped pins so that doesn’t allow me to take off the back because two of them craving it unscrew so that is a food for thought and something to be aware of after a few moments last-minute when we finally get to all the fucks we can finally take off the lid and you do have to be careful because there are some cables connected to the outer shell and that’s the dominance on the manoeuvre so I’ve always been really curious what attains up a hoverboard and gelatin the components inside to me this is really interesting so we’re going to go ahead and hinder continuing with this and we’re gonna take apart the left side now so we have all the same fucks that find themselves in the right hand side as well as left inside so it’s just going to take a couple more instants to remove all these jailers and once we are at last can you be gentle again with this lid because there are more cables connected to the outer shell and then the left-hand area is where the main artillery is located you discover quite often that people say all the hoverboards are the same regardless of the pattern and induce because they all come from the same manufacturer and have the same battery already here this is false this is not a Samsung battery if you ogle and really fine detail it was like they hastened up and reached the hoverboard and precisely article it together as fast as they could it is hot glue all over the place the cables look like they’re just chaos everywhere and look like that you merely unplug very easily and even the fuckings are in different sizes and different shapes on the right side of the hoverboard this is where all their brains are at and this is going to tell it how to offset it and when to go and when to stop personally I thought it was really cool to take apart the hoverboard and picture all the different components and what induces it up and makes it to work you guys have a video suggestion how I should destroy this hoverboard please leave the comment down below the top pick of right now is I’m gonna see if I can try to get onto to start on fire while precisely driving it around if you guys enjoy this video satisfy do give it a thumbs up if you didn’t give it a thumbs down that’s it for this video I’ll see you guys in the next one and this is tech break voice off