Today I equate Xiaomi M3 65 And Segway Ninebot ES2 In the last episode I told you that I’m really excited about electrical scooters and that it’s a really great dream of future that we will ride the sidewalks on such devices instead of cars – as you can hear in the background now we have substantial problems linked to acquires of electrical scooters and those two frameworks in my opinion are the best and most accesible but still not so accesible I won’t tell you where to buy them, because it reforms constantly and the episode will be obsolete in a week there will be some attaches in the description. Let’s places great importance on technical stuff. This is Xiaomi Mijia M3 65, white-hot account I have it for a few months now, I like it a lot This one is white, but they are also available in black I don’t have to introduce you to the Xiaomi company 🙂 This is Segway Ninebot ES2 You should know the company from the classic Segway manoeuvres which are used mainly by excursions nowadays 🙂 they are ponderous, expensive and have no future in my view but their scooters are quite nice First how it examines Xiaomi is watches less oversized Xiaomi has battery underneath the deck This one in front, in the administer pole which stirs it thicker and less comfortable to seize Xiaomi is more handy now unless you have a beings mitt The residue – they both look nice It all about flavor and some details.This one is welded now Ninebot has a curved floor About other details Both have ignites so can be used on roads( if you can do it in your country) But still after dark you should turn on the flames Well you can drive along the road if there is no pavement There is white sunrise in front, red in the back Same thing here Additionally Ninebot has a LED ignited under the deck It seems a little like cheap car tuning I’m not a big fan But when a person is likes this then ok One important thing – Xiaomi has a LED panel With merely a few cases contributed illuminations The depict the battery indict Whereas Ninebot has a full LED control screen You can see battery status and your current accelerated So now Segway prevails Speed and range. Segway has a smaller battery, thus smaller reach. Xiaomi has 7800 mAh battery, Here we have 5200 mAh It’s not a huge difference Xiaomi has 30 km series, Ninebot – 25 km.But it’s actually reductions in both. When the battery is getting empty They drive really slow, so you frequently do not discharge them absolutely So it’s 2-3 km little The bill day too differs Ninebot blames in three hours and it’s really full after 3 hours Xiaomi is full after 4 hours 4 – 4,5 hours But you can buy added artillery carry for Ninebot For about 800 z( 180 euro ), which is mounted here And then she journeys 30 km/ h and has 45 km array So for the extra money she triumphs in both speed and range But remember the heavier “youre ever”, the smaller the assortment and fasted They are in conformity with the 100 kg value You can use them when you are heavier but you will go slower, peculiarly uphill That’s the way it is I weigh 75 kg and it easily reaches top speed I did’t go with extra artillery multitude, this is a acquired scooter One more thing about artillery placement and restraint The center of gravity here is underneath and I like it more and situating it in front motives that she’s more likely to snap it’s not that likely but some people do when you dismount it while not in full stop Xiaomi has a hand wire brake like in a bicycle Ninebot has an electric one it looks a lot like the acceleration So it calculates the braking power it is therefore won’t be too hard so the braking interval is longer but thanks to it you should flip forward as it might happen with a cable damper The price.There premium spread is huge. Both are accessible for about 2000 z( 450 eur) But( in Poland) you cannot just enroll the place and buy it as I said there are shortages everywhere most of the patronizes don’t have them in warehouses You enter the website but it says “not available” They is likely to be bought even for about 400 euro Some parties managed to buy them for this price You can get them on Gearbest, tie-up below But check the delivery time Some people buy them for as much as 500 eur I interpreted them sold for even 800 Eur So search well and don’t overpay Unless you have too much money 🙂 As it is on the internet Sometimes the price spread is huge As i said this one has no proper screen So you have to use an app you dont have to use it while driving of course you might attach a phone holder Here you can see everything on the screen But both have apps And frankly I like Segway app more And you can connect Segway app to Xiaomi! The Mi Home app which is used to connect air purifiers is used for the scooter which is weird – you have offices and you target the scooter in one of them So I use Segway app for both With the app you can turn on and off the sail power or the anti crime system or check the battery Xiaomi also has a bell which might be handy Two more important things The rotations! Xiaomi has pneumatic motors Ninebot has full rubber wheels What’s the difference? I said about this in the chapter about non electric scooters in Poland we have lots of cube paved sidewalks and some old-time sidewalks, its not so comfy on full rotations It’s not that Xiaomi is super comfortable The motors are quite small But because the’re pneumatic, its just softer they dampen the reverberations Ninebot has a leaf springs which should absorb some vibrationsbut in my opinion pneumatic motors do better It would be perfect to have both.None of them has both The abosrber absorbs stronger pulses like a bending pavement but high pitch hums get through The drawback of pneumatic tires that they can get punctured. There are different opinions. If someone promotes full tires – choose Ninebot If you like softer tires Choose Xiaomi, or just pneumatic wheels Wchich of course might get punctured But to tel the truth in the last 10 times, Igot on flat tire in my auto One in Vespa( tire was old-time) But it’s not that are frequently. The pumping might be more of a anguish because the should be as hard as possible Folding If you are going to gave it in trunk or bus, subway, etc should look at the folding But it’s quite fast in both Xiaomi has a ring you fold the handle And then you have to lock it with the bell Segway has a mini board, you step onto it and push the direct, then fold it It’s a bit faster Without turning anything But as I said, I don’t like the heavy, thick manage and the center of gravity is strange But in both it’s 12,5 kg For some people it might be too much You should consider this So both scooters are quite similar the biggest inconsistencies are Pneumatic tires in Xiaomi Solid tires in Ninebot You can buy solid tires with pits for Xiaomi But i still believe pneumatic are better Availability is the key If you buy any of those it’s cool It should change in upcoming weeks The expose The examines If you have more fund and demand more range and more speed I’d get a Ninebot with additional battery which is more complicated here unless you do some DIY You cn attach this, solder this Here it’s easier In Xiaomi sometimes the front spar bursts It’s not very often, but beings write about it Buy where you have guarantee So you can get a refund or repair That’s all for today Again – I like these devices a good deal, I think it’s awesome Extremely in the city if you have a few km to ride from bus or parking Bye! 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